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Families take on the traits of their leaders.

Criminal Minds 4x13, “Bloodline,” written by newcomer Mark Linehard Bruner, directed by Tim Matheson.

I have some issues with this one on a cultural appropriation front, which are discussed in more detail over at Tor, whenever that goes live.

Jordan charges across the bullpen, in command of the situation--until it's time to go into the field, when she freezes again.

"I'm going to call you Elayna." Creepy depersonalization of the girl, turning her into a pet and a dependent.

On the plane, Todd personalizes while everybody else becomes clinical.

Nice time lapse and fade to the crime scene.
"I recognize you from the TV."
Greenscreen, Drink!
"I prefer cities. You can see them coming." Maybe we should drink when Rossi has a moment of seeming to channel Gideon.

I think Reid's hair indicates a girlfriend. *g*

"He's not good for this."
"But he might know who is."

"Listen, about the plane--"
"Oh, no, it's already forgotten." (I compartmentalize better than most people."

Woo, check out that arterial spray.

And the classic CM trick of the whole team getting to the same point via different paths. And detail-girl catches the detail.

"Two UNSUBS change the dynamics."
"They'll spend more time with her."

"I've cleaned up barfights smell better than he does right now."
Torment of the families of victims, drink.

"The primary cause of seizures is stress."

"This is my family."

"Prentiss, you should do this alone."

This is a great scene.
And we're back to Prentiss and kids.

As is the scene with Hotch and the dad.
I think Hotch is telling a little white Hotchly fib when he says he had to make up an answer. Because it's what the dad needs to hear. But self-sparing lies are not a Hotchy thing to do.
*hotchloff* What a good boy.

Cognitive interview! Drink! Greenscreen! Drink!
Garcia pet names, drink!

There has not been nearly enough Garcia lately. We got spoiled last year.

"I don't know why they left her alive."

Cognitive interview, drink!
"Old? Old like me?" Emily getting kid age distinctions = win.

"I'm nine. Almost ten."

Prentiss' mom and foreign languages. Drink twice.

Rossi is actually kind of great in this episode. "We don't talk about the ugliness we see."
"Where's the horror."
"We can't do this job if we let it get to us."
Also, I notice he and Morgan are on a first-name basis now. Guess they've sorted it out between them.

Garcia, made of win with the Cher reference. And I am comforted by Rossi's flat statement that Romani do not act like this, which makes me think that (as in the first season Indian reservation episode) we're talking about a case of cultural appropriation--outsiders perverting an insider culture.  

"They'll have to try again."

Greenscreen, profile scene. Lots of camera tricks in this episode.

Rossi's beard is expanding. Soon it will have eaten his entire face.

"There's thirty of them." Foreshadowing for the big reveal at the end. "It looks like it's been going on for generations."

Photograph that before you touch it, Derek.
"We got lucky." Drink!

"I think it was a countermeasure."
Morgan explicates how cold cases happen.

"Are you sitting down?"

"I just need to build a thicker skin."
"You don't need to do anything you don't want to."

And Rossi tells Todd The Awful Troof. I love how there's never a scene where we see him realize it. Just him explaining it to her, him so matter of fact and her horrified. Rossi knows how the evil goes.

Stockholm syndrome: you adapt, or die.
"The UNSUB twisted and distorted traditions."

And they throw the monther to the wolves. She was never anything but a means to an end, anyway. (You know, I shudder to think what happens to the girl babies born into this family.)

Cop smiles, sees Hotch, unsmiles.

The interrogation scene makes me like this episode, despite the ways in which it unsettles me. Not just Hotch and Prentiss playing good cop/bad cop, but Hotch and Prentiss replaying the only dynamic Kathy/Sylvia knows. Hotch as monster, Hotch as abuser. Oh, he knows that role so well. What does it feel like, Aaron, to put that on? And who are you channeling when you do it?

And how long does it take in the shower to wash it off again?

"Serial killers like to relive their crimes, did you know that?"
"His hand will be steady."

Prentiss and Hotch and the silent communication, win!
I love Reid's hard flinch when Prentiss says "Your little boy is only ten."

"I won't tell you."
"You just did."

"You'll never find my boy."
"We already have."
Reid in a pink shirt with a gun, and the bitchy come back. Oh, Spencer, I love you so when you are catty and androgynous.

"And honestly I'm ready to get back to counterterrorism."
"This team is like a family, and families take on the traits of their leaders." Thematic statement!

And an ending analogous to "The Fox," except not only is it worse than we thought, it's still going on.

Lost another one. You can tell it's the middle of the season, and the network's gotten distracted by other things, because the team is back to getting their asses handed to them on a weekly bases.

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