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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds gideon kill fast

give your life and invariably they leave you with nothing.

Well, I have page proofs for the MMPB edition of Ink & Steel, so I guess there's going to be one this summer, and we have a president who doesn't believe in secret torture camps.

I'd say that's win all over.


Hooray for good surprises! :)
I honestly had to blink and scroll back when I saw that on the BBC news feed. Total win.
Yay, the President!

In less serious news, he also battles Sith.

(From here.)
This is of the happymaking.

This might be an unpopular sentiment, but despite the fact that some of the detainees have committed terrorist acts/other crimes, they are still human beings. And human beings deserve to be treated with dignity. Even if not for their sake, then for your own sake.

So, go Obama and his administration. I hope this was just the first in a long line of good decisions.

(and then Obama could go and agree to ratify that treaty in which countries promise to stop discrimination against people with different sexualities, thank you very much. *pointed stare*)
Bullshit on the "unpopular". We should treat people under our care in a way reflective of who we are, not who they are.

We are the GOOD guys. And it looks like we are starting to act like it again.
Heh, well. I tacked the unpopular bit on just in case, since my sentiments tend to be generally unpopular or wtf-inducing.

And, completely true.

And well...to elaborate further. There are very few people who are genuinely evil. Evil as in baby-eating, genocidal, evil kind of evil. I do not think any of those people there really are. Completely normal people have been shown to be capable of committing deeds they might have found criminal before. So, there.
We should treat people under our care in a way reflective of who we are, not who they are.

This. Yes. ~glares at John Howard very hard indeed~
*joins you in the concentrated glaring*
Now there's a sight--a bunch of white guys waiting behind patiently while the black guy wields the mighty pen of power.
Does your heart good, don't it?
It is indeed. ~nods firmly~

I like your President.
You don't know me, but do you know how incredibly odd that sounds? Incredibly good, too, but -- people from other countries like our president!!! It makes me want to bounce off the ceiling.
people from other countries like our president!!! It makes me want to bounce off the ceiling.

~grins~ It makes me want to bounce off the ceiling that I like a President of the USA. It's never happened to me before!
And for a completely different kind of win- here is the old recepie for lingon cookies.

It's in the metric system, sorry.

You'll need a pan or tin, 30x30 cm large with a few centimeters edge. Set the oven on 175 degrees celsius.

If you have fresh lingon turn most of it into a light jam, cold stirred if prefered. Then take:
4,5 deciliter white flour
1,5 deciliter sugar
3 teaspoons baking powder (I'm not sure if that's the same as baking soda)
150 gram butter
Mix it all together and add one egg. Press into the tin/pan. Spread over aproximatly 2 deciliter of lingon jam and sprinkle some of the fresh lingon over it (if you have them, most of the year it's just jam). Then take a pot, put it on the stove and heat up:
50 gram butter
1 deciliter sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract or vanilla sugar
1,5 deciliter oatmeal (pressed and dried oats, the kind you make porrige with)
When the butter has melted spread it over the lingon jam and put it in the oven. 20-30 minutes until it has a nice golden brown color. Let cool and cut into squares.

If I made a total mess of the recipie, just let me know. It's not often I try to find the English words used in cooking and some of the ingredients are probably different from here.
Good luck anyway!
Yay! TY
Oh, and I have to say that you have your most awesome president so far!
I kinda feel like we just elected President Bartlett. If so, that explains where all the time-travelers from the future go -- to the late 90's, so they can be writers on The West Wing.

"A black president? C'mon, really? The execs will never buy that. But maybe if we make him white, they'll let us keep him as thoughtful and interesting a guy as you've portrayed him... Hmm..."


This may be the dumbest post you read all day, simply because I'm so far out of the loop I don't even remember what a loop is.

Although I used to avidly read Asimov's Science Fiction, there's been so few hours and so much to do that some of my pleasurable reading has fallen by the wayside. I'm a bit out of touch.

To make a long story short, I was on the website a few minutes ago, and saw your name under the Hugo Award winners.

Congratulations! It's a rare honor, and following you here on LJ I know how hard you work.

Just for that, I may re-subscribe to the magazine.

Re: Congratulations!

Thank you. *g*
That is definitely all win.