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i'm not a lier. i had to lie.

Vericon, day one, was a blast. Had a really fun panel on "The Unspeakable Numinous Unknowable Inexplicable" with catvalente, swan_tower, and Kim Stanley Robinson, who consented to be "Kim" for the evening so as to not mess up the gender balance of the panel. (For those what don't know, he usually goes by "Stan.") In a development that will shock no one, we turned out to have a very hard time talking about it.

I then had a food, and went to catvalente's delightful reading, and had a reading of my own, which was well-attended, and then hung out for a bit before I went to bed.

Today I have a signing and another panel, and apparently a poker game in the evening. Something tells me I should really get cleaned up, get some breakfast in me, and go to the con. But the getting out of bed portion of the morning seems to be made of fail today.

Come on, Bear. On your feet. Cambridge beckons, and somewhere out there there's likely to be breakfast.

In completely unrelated news, apparently, my old unintentional icon theme of upset-looking people with guns is being challenged by a new unintentional theme of icons of people looking sidelong at other people.

Is this indicative of a new trend in popular entertainment?
Tags: conventioneering, quotidiana
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