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bear by san

March 2017



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all i ask of dying is to go naturally

Via a locked entry on my flist, Teahouse fox love, including cultural context of which I had previously been entirely ignorant. And here's an explanation of what exactly is going on in the 3:14 am Easter Egg.

I had assumed the fox was a kitsune, which I now see was incorrect, and I missed evidence to the contrary that I should have recognized (such as his/her tai chi habit).

Personally, I am curious as to whether anybody's found a late-night interstitial scene for the iGoogle fox, because as you may have noticed, when she/he goes to bed, he/she leaves an offering of oranges and incense, and by pre-dawn, the offering has vanished.


Hey look! I learned something!

The internets can be a fun place. (I also have much love for the teahouse fox, and Blood, Sweat & Tears for that matter.)

Edited at 2009-01-26 04:57 pm (UTC)
My face is a mess of exclamation points! EEE! I love the bi-hour thing!
I've had this theme since forever, and I never noticed the oranges and incense before!

Then again, I'm rarely awake when he's getting up. -_-
One of the videos on YouTube shows an interstitial scene for the iGoogle header, wherein three ghost foxes (not the hopping ghosts of the Gmail theme; they're white and transparent) are crossing the lake toward the persimmons and incense. I can't find the image, though, in the header list. I'll keep looking.
I figured it must be the ancestor foxes, but I couldn't find them!
I have a screenshot from the video, but I haven't found the header itself yet.

Cool! I keep hoping they will institute seasons and weather....
Hah! I was missing the period.
I went looking for more details (because how could I not) and found this post, chronicling someone else's discovery of this and a second capture of the ghosts. :)


Edit: The blog posted does strongly favor that people search/google for the screens themselves - if you want to delete the comment/URL though, I get that. I'm a bit ambivalent about leaving it posted here now, due to her comment on the matter. -_-;

Edited at 2009-01-26 06:50 pm (UTC)
I think people are grownups and can decide for themselves. *g* And I personally have no patience for hunting for easter eggs, though I like to see them.
The reason I mostly left it up (and will in my own post with the other stuff I find!) is that a lot of the folk on my f-list just don't have the time to research this, whereas research is part of my every day list of Things to Do.

I did leave the warning note there though, so folk knew her feelings on the matter.

(And woo, ty for posting this! So shiny!)
Now and then I remember to try hunting the vanishment... by my computer clock (not perhaps exactly right) the vanishment happens after 5.29 am but before 5.38am (and yes, since I narrowed it down that far I've been busy with somthing else or plain forgotten to check) The timeband was so narrow I'd actually started thinking that there probably wasn't a picture covering the disappearance and stopped slicing.
And tonight they must have turned up earlier. (Or yanno, the laptop's clock is not behaving)
Cool. Thanks! I had heard about the ghosts in the wee hours, but had never been online then.
I have the old version of Tea House. The old version doesn't seem to be on offer on my version of Google, for some reason. And I'd love to have it, because I've had the old one for upwards of 2 years now, and am ready for a different fox. Is this because I'm running Mac 10.4 (which I can't update until I get a new computer, which ain't going to happen any time soon)?
You're having trouble because you can't actually get the new version on iGoogle. :) It's a Gmail theme; apply it there and you'll have the "old" fox on iGoogle and the "new" fox on Gmail.

(In theory, you could hack together a Greasemonkey script to insert the new images into iGoogle, and I may do that as a curiosity piece.)
That explains all. Thank you. Mostly, I deal with my mail off-line, so I won't see it often, but when I do go online, there it will be.

I know not of this hacking, O Wizard. It is a thing past my comprehension. I wish you luck of your endeavors. :)

I too have much love for the fox, and would love to see expansions/seasonal things and so on.

I hadn't caught the Chinese hours note, though. Nifty!

I have been known to wait until the Magic Hour just to see the special interstitial bits, but had not caught the email one yet. How cute! I wonder if the "zombies" are also the "ghosts". My Chinese ghost lore is weak, but IIRC part of the point of sending the dead bodies home was so that they wouldn't become angry ghosts - if they got away from their guide, maybe that's related somehow.

(I am faking most of this stuff via Japanese cultural knowledge, some of which matches up, some of which doesn't. Oh, and having seen Mr Vampire a few times.)