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i could have died from being boring

I decided that tonight, I was in a really good mood, and there were a whole bunch of new unrated routes that looked like they might even be doable, so I gave myself permission to suck and try all sorts of things I wasn't sure I could do.

I think this means I'm officially working on 5.8s and 5.9s now, because I couldn't do any of them, and my hands are totally shralped from trying. Raw and painful, even. I did, however, at least get on all of them, and in a couple of cases I made several moves. (One, I got a third of: another I got half, with a lot of thrashing.)

However, my elbow is working better, and so is my finger (something to be said for support gear).

I think my tired from last week was calorie deficit, which means I need to schedule things so my heavy eating days are also my climbing days.

Good news, however, is that both my cardio condition and my strength are such that I don't get tired climbing anymore. I do get pumped, which is a technical meaning my forearms and hands are the fuck out of glucose and oxygen and don't work anymore, thank you (seriously, this is intense exercise), but there's not the lactic acid burn or the cardiovascular exhaustion, except in the immediate aftermath of extreme anaerobic exertion when one lies on the floor and pants until one's blood re-oxygenates.
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