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Look! Free Books!

As a promotion for the print version of Metatropolis, Subterranean Press is giving away thirty copies of the mass market paperback edition of Blood & Iron (this all makes sense in the minds of publishers, I'm sure) to US residents only.

Or, to quote: "We have THIRTY copies of the mass market paperback of BLOOD & IRON, each of which is good to a free home, U.S. residents only, sorry. If you’d care to have people email me their name and postal mailing address to, the first thirty respondents will be sent out a copy of the book next week. Have them put “Blood & Iron Giveaway” in the subject thread so we can quickly sort them out from the usual mail. You should note that we won’t be responding to emails. As this is just a fun giveaway for us, and not intended to be a time sink, we need to do it quickly and cleanly, and move on to the next bit of nonsense we have scheduled."

Act fast if you want one: I suspect they will go fast.

...all gone. Well, that was quick.
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