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bear by san

March 2017



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The season 2 promo for Shadow Unit is up.

And in a particularly diabolical move, the Complaint Department is grooming my toenails


The local Complaint Department has taken to sleeping on the lower half of my body--the next time you visit the gym, try distributing two ten-pound discs and two fifteen pounders over that area.

I'd settle for toenail grooming, really. They're experts at that, what with all the work they do on their own, bless their evil little hearts.
That depends entirely on whether they groom with their tongues or also with their teeth. The Holstein Cat of Chaos is a chewer.
I'll take the incisors, the molars, and even the canines over 50 pounds of snoring fuzz, all of them with a gift for finding the best spot to paralyze a nerve.
That's talent, there. Either that or they take notes.

Mine, well, the heavy one (at 17 lb) is the quintessential Aloof Cat, who will sit on you sometimes but not if you pet him overmuch (rubbing his ears is fine, much more than that and he's Had Enough Thank You) and the tortie is, well, a tortie. Also she only weighs about six pounds and is therefore extremely easy to dislodge if necessary.
::reads promo::

::utters heartfelt opprobrious epithets for writers who apparently took the term "teaser" to heart::
*echoes opprobrious epithets*

Do you think if we all made Bambi eyes at them they'd write faster?
Frankly, I think they'd throw things at anyone who tried such a thing, and I'd be hard put to blame them.

It's a pity, because I do a mean bambi-eyes if I do say so myself, but there it is. Professional pride will stir more than ever fannish proddings could.
Well, true, but could you imagine a thousand fans all making bambi-eyes at the same time? The amusement value alone would be worth...um...something.
I'm not sure we have a thousand fans....
Oh, I bet we could either find or create that many, if we made a concerted effort.

But I shudder to think what you all would throw at that many people making coercive bambi eyes. Boots? Tomatoes? Production delays???
What they would throw after they recovered from the fit of hysterics, you mean. ;-)
Oooh, a project!!!!
Hmmmm. *ponders*
WTF flashmob!!
....only I think I remember that Mythbusters said a bullet *could* crack a skull....
*g* No, alas. They debunked it. And then admitted that their protocols didn't allow for anything except a straight-up trajectory, and it does happen.

(Never, ever, try this at home.)
Well, yeah, "does happen" from the expert sounded to me like "confirmed" - just apparently not if it's fired absolutely straight up. No wonder my memory was confused, though - I just looked it up and apparently it's the only myth they've rated Busted, Plausible *and* Confirmed.

Now I'm imagining Adam and Jamie meeting the WTF crew! Only I can't decide which team would be consulting which. You don't suppose there's a possibility of a virtual cameo appearance, do you?
Anything's possible. *g*