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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Another foggy city seen from a height:

This time, Dubai.

Vancouver again, if you missed it. 


Hey, it says I need a yahoo account to view the Dubai picture.
That was a bit of a surprise; I don't recall hearing anything about Y! buying Flickr.
Oh yeah, years and years ago. That's when I dropped my paid flickr account. I do still have a free yahoo account, for things like viewing (and commenting on) photos.
That one works.

i remember those days

It was so freaky to be driving down Sheik Zayed road and see the buildings all disappeared at the top.

Dubai is freaky, anyway. Leave for a week and you have no idea where you are when you come back. another skyscraper or three will have risen from a desert lot, and since there are no addresses or anything, you can't describe where you are anyway. Our villa? Mirdif, u-turn at the Spinney's roundabout, first right, first right, third beige compound, unit 4.

Re: i remember those days

I *love* living in the future. I just love it. The fact that I can post a random picture of a place halfway around the world, and somebody will pop up with an eyewitness account is fantastic to me.

Re: i remember those days

I was thinking it must be all freaky, yes. I didn't realize about the addresses; even freakier.

Re: i remember those days

There are compounds of colours other than beige, I presume?

Re: i remember those days

LOL Oh yes, there were brilliant pink villas, and a few honestly insane ones, too. Just so happened, the compounds on the way to our house were... beige.

Another weird thing about Dubai, besides no street addresses? well, two things. Each neighborhood's streets were named by numbers and letter combinations. The same number/letter combinations. And each neighborhood was tiny. And not rectilinear. So even if you told someone you lived on Street 3b, that meant less than nothing. Cause not fifty yards away, in another twisty turny place, would be another 3b.

And all the major roads have at least three different names.

Re: i remember those days

There must be an underlying logic of some kind, understandable only to Emirati.

(this may or may not work as a direct link for folks without yahoo/flickr accounts)
Those are fascinating!
Ooh, I can see the apartment building where I used to live when I lived in Dubai in that pic!

Only now it's on the short side compared to the others. But when we lived there, it was on the 23rd floor, so I got to see the top of fogs like that. Totally surreal!

Also, Dubai drivers in fog are even more idiotic than usual.
I always love those types of pictures. Great views! Hmm I wonder if I could find one from Portland, Oregon.
My condolences to you and your family.

Re: i remember those days

Oooooh. Pretttttyyyyyy.
Vegas was the same way when I lived there. We used to joke that the state bird was the crane.