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in the center of the first world

I've been a productive Bear today, what with finishing the draft of the cave mermaids, updating my web page (there's one more piece of short fiction I'm hoping to add, and the Web Ghoul is going to work on a Paypal tip jar button, since my stuff has started turning up on Bittorrent and I want to give folks a chance to amend their karma if they see fit, but it's otherwise done and OMG the bibliography is current!), and getting a whole bunch of paperwork settled and sent out the door.

My to-do list currently consists of one invoice, which is getting handled tomorrow, and a book I need to send out for a contest winner, which has to wait until Roc actually sends me some mass market paperbacks of Whiskey & Water. Um. Right. And revising Chill, which I guess starts soon, but I might take tomorrow as a virtual weekend since I just finished a story and all.

Oh, and I made this new icon, based on a quote by leahbobet.

...I think I'm back. Well, that only took a year and a half.

Could have been worse.
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