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not everything you run to wants you

Alas! My beloved electric kettle, which ladegard gave me in 1995 or thereabouts, is on its last legs. It has begun dribbling around the spout. Which means that today, I am shopping for a new tea kettle, because tea kettles are a moral imperative.

And I have to ask myself: proper electric kettle, or a stovetop kettle? The former is more energy efficient, but also generally more expensive, and only works when there's electricity. And the New Place might have a gas stove (I kind of hope it will, actually) which makes a stovetop kettle a much more attractive proposition.

Hmm. Decisions, decisions. (Also, so totally coveting this teapot.)

Well, after I move, there will be time (and possible space) to do things like shop for new kitchen equipment.
Tags: so much more than just a breakfast drink

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