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bear by san

March 2017



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not everything you run to wants you

Alas! My beloved electric kettle, which ladegard gave me in 1995 or thereabouts, is on its last legs. It has begun dribbling around the spout. Which means that today, I am shopping for a new tea kettle, because tea kettles are a moral imperative.

And I have to ask myself: proper electric kettle, or a stovetop kettle? The former is more energy efficient, but also generally more expensive, and only works when there's electricity. And the New Place might have a gas stove (I kind of hope it will, actually) which makes a stovetop kettle a much more attractive proposition.

Hmm. Decisions, decisions. (Also, so totally coveting this teapot.)

Well, after I move, there will be time (and possible space) to do things like shop for new kitchen equipment.


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In a shop near me as an electric kettle made of glass. When you switch it on the water is illuminated by a blue light. Sometimes I stare longingly at it as I pass.

Sadly, it is very expensive, I am very poor and my current kettle works fine.

Still. One day.
If it makes you feel any better, my sister had one like that - not sure what make it was - and it was indeed very pretty ... for the six months before it broke. The new, cheap, one has so far lasted two years just fine.
I vote 'both.'

I go with stovetop except that I'm distractable, and I have ruined one kettle by burning through the base, and come very close to destroying others at least a few times a year, because I get tired of waiting for water to boil and I wander off and get absorbed in something, and don't remember that I was going to have tea until the kettle's boiled dry. Of course, this would be less likely to be a problem if I didn't loathe and avoid whistles (hello, startle reflex).

So if you don't have this problem, I'd vote stovetop, all the way. If you do...I leave it up to your imagination.

Also, you should totally get that teapot.
on the stovetop one i got from Target five years ago, the whistle sortof "ramps up" so it's not a sudden loud sound. or maybe i've just gotten attuned to it, because if i'm close to it i can tell when it's about to even start the ramp-up. might help you, but might not.

my problem is, i wander away while it's steeping and then forget that it's there. over the years i have developed a taste for oversteeped tea purely out of financial self-preservation: i'd be dumping a lot of tea down the sink otherwise.
Love the tea set!! Reminds me of Si & Am from Lady & The Tramp. I have been sorely tempted by those lovely and efficient electric kettles, but apparently haven't wanted one badly enough to buy. I rely on my elderly Revere copper-bottom kettle which will likely outlive me.

This is the first time I've had a gas stove. We've lived here 6 years and I've come to love it. I love it even more now after 48 hours without power during the recent ice storm (we live in Northeast Arkansas). We had french press coffee every morning and all the tea we could drink. And if you put those cheap terracotta flowerpots on their sides over a gas burner set on low, they make a great heat source in a pinch.
Go 'lectric and get a Camp Kettle for emergency use on the gas range should the power be out imho.

P.S. Started reading Ink and Steel last night at my Daughter's basketball practice. The wife for some silly reason neglected to bring her usual mystery novel and was thus reading over my shoulder. She's sufficiently hooked that she is checking out a second copy from the library today since our purchased copy is still in my hot paws. =)
Thanks! *g* I hope it keeps working out for you...
I got an electric kettle (a Bodum Isis 3.5 cup immersion heater), and it works so much faster than the stovetop ones. (I have 2 stovetop kettles: 1 Revereware, 1 matching my dishes (it was a gift).)

The copper-bottom Revereware one works faster than the enameled one, though.

I agree, that teapot is fabulous.

(PS: Have you heard of Teaism? They don't appear to sell their teapots through their online store, unfortunately. Or their delicious cookies. It's a must-go when I'm in the DC area.)
My vote goes for stovetop because there are fewer working parts to get out of order. I am clumsy and uncoordinated. :/

I NEED one of those black kitty mugs and tea rests, though. Good heavens. *covet*
I want that set too.

Also, I love your icon. My black boykitty looks just like that, and goes into ninja-mode regularly, usually with the aim of ambushing his sister.
I love, love, love my electric kettle (which I got for $30 at Target and which has lasted 3+ years, so it's more than paid for itself). I love it because if I get engrossed in something, it turns itself off. I think it may also be faster (though I've never actually timed it).
For speed, I've been appreciating our electric kettle (red Black & Decker 1.7L cordless -- reviews warn of leakage around the window, but we've been fine so far).

For the routine of Making Tea, the stovetop kettle feels more right.

With having the baby, speed has been winning over ceremony. But someday ... :)


If I could have only one, I'd have to go with my little 4-cup, enamelled cast-iron Japanese tetsubin, because it works on electric, on gas, and with some degree of temperature-shift caution, even on my charcoal fire when camping.

I also have a regular metal stove kettle, and a bigger electric kettle at home for convenience, too. Well. I drink a LOT of tea, what can I say?
I concur with the vote for both. Stovetop kettles are good for emergencies, but I'll stick to my electric kettle for ordinary days. I agree they are a biological imperative. We house- and dog-sit for some people who have a lovely coffeemaker, but no kettle, and every single time I forget to bring mine. Why WOULDN'T someone have a kettle? How do they drink tea? (They don't have any.)
As far as the "backup kettle if the power goes out" thing . . . I have pots. If I neeed to boil water to make tea when the power was out, I could use one of those.

A kettle is certainly better than a pot for boiling water on a day-to-day basis. But if it was only going to be used in extraordinary circumstances? The incremental difficulty of using a more general tool in an extraordinary circumstance isn't enough to bother having an entire OTHER tool that is ONLY going to be used in extraordinary circumstances.
Personally, I like the electric ones because in my head, they involve less effort than the stovetop kind - I have drunk far, far more tea since my mother bought me an electric one for Christmas than I did in the several years beforehand. Your mileage, of course, may vary - but electric is better for me because I am a distractable kitty and will wander out of the kitchen, which is less bad when the electric kettle shuts itself off instead of boiling all the water away. Oops.
I've had a gas stove for 15 years, and I find that the electric kettle is indeed faster.

However, I realized the other night that I don't really have a backup kettle for if the power ever goes out ... I'm going to go invest in a RevereWare kettle ASAP. The copper bottom improves the heating speed greatly, and it'll last forever.
I like my stovetop kettle. It's made by Chantal so not the cheapest but it's sturdy and such a bright shade of blue. The best thing is the two-tone whistle. First it happily sings "I'm boiling!" and then it sounds like a train whistle "I thought I could!" So everyday I start with the kettle singing.

Tea set

I've seen that tea set here in Austin at Central Market http://www.centralmarket.com/ Maybe you could get the tea pot when you're here?

Also, here are a couple of links to sites that list shows and events, etc happening in town. You might enjoy John Aielli's Eklektikos as well.
Uhmm (biting nails). I hope this doesn't come under the heading of 'unsolicited advice', rather I'd like to help an author whose work I admire to get the most out of my hometown.

Local NPR affiliate/ University radio


Good source for music reviews, whose playing where, readers polls for just about anyting you might want to do or see while you're here:

Tea Embassy: for all your tea (crack) needs (*g*)
Lis and I were unaware of the existence of electric kettles until she went to London a couple years ago. I spent my whole life with whistling stovetop teakettles on gas stoves, not even KNOWING that there were other choices.

We now have a Krups electric teakettle, and we're never going back.

The electric teakettle boils water in about half the time as the stovetop, is easier to use, and doesn't take up a burner.

Frankly, I think the choice between stovetop and electric is really half of one, six dozen of the other.
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