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not everything you love will love you

jaylake on the fanatical persistence of the successful writer.

Seriously. I sold my first novel when I was 33. I wrote my first novel when I was umnine. This stuff ain't easy. It is in fact so hard you can't ever do it all right.

The odds against success as a professional writer are about the same as the odds of success in acting, sports, or any other entertainment industry. You either have to be crazy gifted, crazy lucky, or a crazy hard worker to get anywhere at all, and it helps to be all three. At any given time, maybe a couple of hundred people world wide will be at the top of the profession.

The good news is, we don't have to be perfect. Like artists everywhere, we exist by successive approximations of fail better.

And there's a bit more room to make a living, even if it's sometimes kind of a marginal one, in the farm teams.
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