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i wish i had a metal heart

Climbing, still the best antidote for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangst.

I had a really good night tonight. I sent my overhung project wall, a completely clean climb, and I also got a brand new 5.7 that's overhung the whole way, though I dogged on the rope some. I also got more than half of a 5.7 on the 45-foot wall, and Monday I will collect that bastard.

I felt really strong, too, and like I knew what I was doing on all of them. My strength and technique are improving. Slowly, I am getting there.

Then I went and worked on the tricky unrated green wall for a while, the one with the guaranteed barn door. I got past the barn door--basically, I thrashed like a thrashy thing until I was past it--and then was so pumped that I just rainbowed up to the top, because my forearms would no longer hold my weight.

And now I am eating lamb and couscous and orange juice resting the rest of the just.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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