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ain't enough bullets in this here gun

[11:00] matociquala: (they got some magic hoops for jumping through)
[11:01] matociquala: I suppose Chaz's taste for alt-country is better than Michelangelo's bad pop-grunge fixation.
[11:01] matociquala: The lyrics are better, anyway.
[11:01] stillnotbored: they are better lyrics
[11:02] matociquala: It would be cheaper if all my characters had the same taste in music, though.
[11:02] stillnotbored: tell me about it
[11:02] stillnotbored: every book is new music
[11:03] matociquala: Come on guys, at least stick to a genre....

Tags: chatroom transcripts, the writer at work, wtf

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