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December 2021



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straight into the night our hearts were flung

Guess who the moron who left her bow at the archery range is?

They have it, and I can pick it up tomorrow, but doh. I swear I need somebody to follow me around and remind me that I'm forgetting shit.


OK, I'll take the job.
It doesn't pay real well....
At least you know it's there. I misplace stuff and then enter this completely wacko mind set where I cannot do anything at all until I figure out where I left the object in question. Drives my family bonkers.
I'm very much the same - even if I realise that I can do without the item, or even that I don't need the item at all, I just can't stop looking. Including checking places where the item could not possibly be. Several times.
I left my bow on top of my car once and drove off. Luckily it survived with no injury. :)
Ooh, I used to be a fanatical archer!

I have to ask -- is your bow a Bear?
Nope. It's a Hoyt.

I'm not fanatical. But I could probably keep from starving if I had to.
OMG! Amanda Palmer love!!! I JUST found all her solo stuff and Guitar Hero and Strength in music and well, hell, EVERYTHING has been on repeat all night!
I hear you. I really would misplace my head occasionally if it wasn't attached.

I appear to have developed a new talent, viz. misplacing things in the 4 meters between my room and the bathroom. I had my ring when I was in bed, I got up and washed my face, I came back and got back in bed, and suddenly my ring was gone. And I don't remember taking it off and it's nowhere I've looked in the bathroom or in my room, and it's frustrating me to pieces. I'd swear the pixies took it if I didn't know better. (I mean, it's stainless steel -- they couldn't have touched it, much less wrestled it off my finger. ;-)
All us geniuses is absent minded. I learned during the dopal days, to always put stuff in the same place, but nothing works against walking off and leaving stuff. behind.. Which reminds me, have you seen my hat?
> I swear I need somebody to follow me around and remind me that I'm forgetting shit.

They make those. They are called "wives."

Without which, I would surely be condemned to a life of pants without zippers.
They make those. They are called "wives."

It's awesome that you and your wife have a mutually satisfying agreement about this stuff.

I was kind of put off by your way of framing this, because it sounded like a very dated sexist joke.

Maybe "I'm lucky enough to have one, and in my case it's my wife" would have been more accurate?
Thank you for your diplomatic phrasing and expression of the thoughts that were burbling through my brain.
It's normal to forget things. I question whether there's any truth to the myth that there are people who *don't* forget things.
Jeeves. We all need infinite Jeeves-clones.
I leave my yoga mat at dance class all the time, and it is a running joke that it takes me at least two tries to leave the house because I inevitably have forgotten something.

This is why I write packing lists.