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cynthia wore the prettiest dress with different colored socks

I am quite pleased with myself, as tonight I sent an overhung route on the 45-foot wall. I did not do it without breaks, or without dogging on the rope, and there was a horrible insult to injury bit at the end where you have to get over a tiny little roof after climbing 40 feet of overhang, but I did it. Then I tried that damn balancy unrated green route, and got to the place where I always get stuck, and was, you know, stuck. So I gave up and did a pink 5.7 route on the same rope that used to give me all the trouble in the world, and despite being totally pumped from the big wall I sailed up it, even playing with a couple of the hard moves.

I tried a 5.8 on the slab, and got stuck on a move that required some serious smearing, so I moved on to no-hands on a rainbow. Fourth climb was a 5.7 I've done before, and that was the night. I'm pretty darned pleased with myself, I tell you what.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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