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bear by san

March 2017



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good night, austin texas, where ever you are...

I'm safely in Texas, beset by stillsostrange and her couch and spouse and beartrap puppy and cats. Also, leahbobet has arrived. Cupcakecon Go!

Yesterday there was airport and grocery store and rock climbing (Amanda's gym is rated easier than mine, but I still had to cheat feet a little on the 5.9--other than that, I did a 5.7, a 5.8, and an unrated easy wall that was just fun. More bouldering tomorrow, I believe) and Tex-mex. Lots of Tex-mex. Today there is dog park and Ethiopian and buying tights and buying tape and eating cupcakes and seeing Andrew Bird.

The best thing about Austin is the signage.

Existential school bus:


This one will be even funnier after you've read Shadow Unit s2x01, "Lucky Day". Trust me.


Bad signs and ugly art, however, are a go.


A burly Bear in a bathroom mirror. Reality! Texas! Mythology!

...Yes, I'm wearing Chaz's clothes.


The lovely Ms. Downum demonstrates the bathroom shelter-in-place sign at Austin Bergstrom Airport.

Out on the road today I saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac...

Running joke that the Ford pickup is the state bird of the American southwest. Even the hippies drive them.


However, this is apparently a covert F-150, so it's okay.


Suspicious Amanda is suspicious.


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Hey, welcome to where I live! (yes, we have the worst public are in the world)

Have fun!

eta--er, that would be art, worst public art

Edited at 2009-02-12 03:25 pm (UTC)
Gyah. Now I have "Boys of Summer" stuck in my head! Good thing I like that song.

Very surreal pics. I'll have to remember to look back at this after "Lucky Day" comes out.
Heh, wait until you see the "art" on Lamar just south of the World's Largest Whole Foods.
*g* This isn't my first trip to Austin. *g*
now I wish *I* had tex mex. mmmmmmmm.
Me too. Homesick TexAnne is homesick.
Welcome to Texas, darlin' - and this hippie and his Tundra do not take offense to your Ford comment ... much.
*g* When I lived in Nevada, I drove a Chevy. It's just protective camouflage....
I vote suspicious Amanda for author pic!
Me too. *g* I'm working on her....
Hey! That's my truck!

Except I've got an Obama-Biden sticker.
Welcome to Austin - enjoy and have a great time.
Hee. Have fun in the rainforest!
Welcome! I hope you like enjoy your stay :)
Don't forget to have breakfast at Maudie's!
When I lived in Austin I had a yoga instructor who, at the end of every class, said "Namaste ya'll!" It made me happy everytime!

I recommend breakfast anytime at Kerbey Lane or Magnolia Cafe.

We had lunch at Kerbey Lane yesterday. It was very good, and full of cute waitstaff.
Most surreal bathroom mirror ever.

Yay tex-mex! And now I'm listening to Don Henley, so you are to blame for my earworm and my strange food cravings. :D
Today there is dog park and Ethiopian and buying tights and buying tape and eating cupcakes and seeing Andrew Bird.

That sounds like a fabulous day!
Does it make me a horrible person that I now kind of want to etch a Victorian bouffant of some sort into my master bathroom mirror (once I have a finished master bathroom of course)? I think it would make me giggle every morning.

Probably not so great for resale value, though.
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