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good night, austin texas, where ever you are...

I'm safely in Texas, beset by stillsostrange and her couch and spouse and beartrap puppy and cats. Also, leahbobet has arrived. Cupcakecon Go!

Yesterday there was airport and grocery store and rock climbing (Amanda's gym is rated easier than mine, but I still had to cheat feet a little on the 5.9--other than that, I did a 5.7, a 5.8, and an unrated easy wall that was just fun. More bouldering tomorrow, I believe) and Tex-mex. Lots of Tex-mex. Today there is dog park and Ethiopian and buying tights and buying tape and eating cupcakes and seeing Andrew Bird.

The best thing about Austin is the signage.

Existential school bus:


This one will be even funnier after you've read Shadow Unit s2x01, "Lucky Day". Trust me.

More lolsigns behind cut!Collapse )
Tags: cupcakecon 2009, signage: an occasional series

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