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the predatory wriggle and the friendly grin

Very interesting concert last night, especially by comparison with Boston. In Boston, Bird was touring with a band, including Martin Dosh. I expected them to be there last night, but Mr. Bird was solo, and doing a sort of quirky eclectic setlist including two random Handsome Family songs and the obligatory blues fiddle and classical interludes, inserted into the usual welter of whistling, guitar, singing, and shoegazer violin. It all seemed a little improvisational, and Bird was even deeper in absentminded professor mode than usual, which makes me wonder what happened to the rest of the band. 

Which is not to say it was bad. Just much more club scene than I expected given the nature of the venue: he was even taking requests (thus the second Handsome Family song), which gave the evening a very intimate feel.

There's always a roar of approval when he takes off his shoes.

I like very much that he has a tendency to compliment music halls, and get a little carried away playing with the acoustics when he particularly likes the way a space sounds. Enthusiasm is catching, after all.

In other news, Austin continues to offer the best signage ever.

And other things, too....

stillsostrange's puppy, the beartrap, is a spiritual cousin of The Yellowdog. She is also a shark, and cannot stop moving lest she die. Except for when she's sleeping on a monkey.

(this dog not actually dead.)

Writers at work. Animals helping:


Tonight, more Tex-mex. And more climbing.
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