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it's astounding. time is fleeting.


More signage! This one found next door to the climbing gym we attended last night, where bouldering happened. I still kind of suck at bouldering (I'm such a coward at the top of a problem, when I'm tired and it's fifteen feet to the ground) but I did manage five (I think?) V0s and a V1 that was really more like a V0. And some traversing. And falling off or being unable to even get up on a couple of other V1s and a V0 with a little roof.  And as mentioned, chickening out on the very big last move of a really high V0.

Right now I'm on my own, as stillsostrange is at work and everybody else is still abed. So the beartrap and I are curled up on the sofa, and I need to put some socks on, because the weather has finally turned from "June" to more properly a Southern spring. (It was close to 80 yesterday: now it's 42.)

I may have a small headache from too much margarita and pear cider last night. Ahem. Margaritas at Maudie's? Deadly. There's alcohol in those.

Tonight, the schedule appears to be gothing and more gothing, and maybe Rocky Horror. Viva la Cupcakecon! Viva la New Face Of Science Fiction!*

In closing, another photo of stillsostrange's evil cats, Siggy and Fafnir.


*The new face of science fiction is UP HERE."
Tags: cupcakecon 2009, falling off perfectly good rocks, signage: an occasional series

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