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spent all of my life emptied of anthems

I am working on 5.8s. I hate working on 5.8s, because it means failing a hell of a lot. So I failed on a black 5.8 on the side wall, and on a green striped 5.8 (I think? It's still unrated.) on the slab wall (though I did no-feet and then downclimb a new easy orange route, also unrated, but probably a 5.5 or so). And then I failed on a 5.8 and a 5.8- on the barrel vault. And then failed on an orange 5.7 I've done before.


And after such a thrilling week of wiktory in Austin, too.

Too bad. So sad. Here, I comfort myself with more thrilling Austin signage.

Tags: cupcakecon 2009, falling off perfectly good rocks, signage: an occasional series
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