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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds jj this is the lie

i asked the same question once.

Late, but done!

Criminal Minds 4x14, "Cold Comfort," written by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beatty, directed by Anna Foerster

And again, deceptive advertising is deceptive.

Kevin! Garcia! Horrorscopes! And Morgan and Emily mock them.

"I have the magic ingredient. It's called Splenda." And Spencer tosses her under the bus without even realizing what he's doing, and then looks chagrined.

Hey, it's Reid's purple scarf. And Morgan in a dress shirt. What is this, S2? Drink!

"I have a simple gesture." Emily, FTW. Also, Emily and romance. Foreshadowing again?

Meanwhile, JJ is back! And sporting Trauma Hair pursuant to childbirth...

"That's different."

"He's rotating his victims out."

No wonder Prentiss and Reid get along. Strains of atheism and skepticism in both characters, though I think Reid harbors fewer convictions. And the conversation about embalming really bothers JJ.

"He wants to hold on to them."
"But eventually--"

"We know the odds." Ooo, Reid has new odds!

Morgan spots the necklace, and Reid catches the next clue. "He cares for them."

I'm liking the character work in this episode. It's understated, but nice.
Hotch is displeased by released evidence. Emily is displeased by psychics.
JJ defends the victim's mother to Rossi, and so does Morgan.

"Yeah, you're not my first."
Stanley Usher. Heh. Poe joke!
"There are a lot of people out there that don't believe in what you do either." Score one for the con man psychic!

The UNSUB cut their hair to look like JJ's. And we have finally found something sexual that squicks Reid. I guess it had to happen eventually.

I like Prentiss's turtleneck. /shallow.
Ed Gein!
Okay, Reid may have found a hairdresser, but the cardigan is eternal. Whoever is dressing him, their powers are limited.
Reid airquotes! MGG's fingernails are out of control again, I see.

"Look, man. I'm not here to judge you."
I do like Reid helping caretaker dude clean up the dead flowers. Symbolic gesture is symbolic.

"Mother's sleeping." Drink!

"Maybe this is the romantic encounter your horoscope foretold."

"That's a myth."

JJ as protective Mom. With hair matching the victims.
And even Hotch is getting tired of Rossi's one-track mind.
And ...brainwashing.
"and as soon as she accepts her new role, her fate is sealed." (Somewhere offscreen, Reid is wincing.)

"I can't afford to let my ego get in the way on this one." Ooo, snap.
Thematic book title is thematic!
Wow. Worst children's book ever.
Look, ma. Stockholm syndrome!
Look, in BAUland, it actually takes a while for DNA to come back.
Ooo, Prentiss is bad cop. And snarky bad cop.
And Reid, still squicking.
Fetish objects! Drink! "That's what makes it real."
And Reid cracks the case!

"Guess that's what they call failing up."
"Or marrying well."

Cybil Shepherd! And Randolph Mantooth!
"Patrick likes to think he was a good father." ooo, toxic family is toxic.
And Hotch is just speechless about how screwed up this truly is.

Tech kitten and psycholinguist dude are helpless. Aieeee!
Shouldn't that letter be in a baggie?

"I missed you."
"Me too."
That? Right there? is a nice bit of dialogue.

"What is this place?"
"It's forever."
And they lived happily ever after...

Police footwork trumps psychic manifestations....

"We won this time." Drink!
"Welcome back."

I liked this ep. Not one of the top-five, but a perfectly solid entry in the mythos.

I like, again, that the characters have a range of reactions and personal beliefs, and the show doesn't go out of its way to validate one over the others. Instead, the focus is not on what we believe, but on what we do with that belief.


I liked this one - I'm not sure why so many fans are moaning about it. *shrugs*

I liked the way they used the psychic and how much he rattled Rossi. There seemed to be something more in Rossi's antagonism than just a bad experience in the past - he seemed almost angry with the mother for using Usher as well.

Reid pulled some wonderful faces during this ep as well and we got some more info about Emily - which is all good.
I freely admit that I was made of ick-induced stupid when I watched it. OTOH, in retrospect, the ep feels more like a collection of great moments than a good story. OTGH, I am probably still made of stupid.
I think Rossi's religion plays into it. He's Catholic, after all.
I really liked the ambiguity of how they left things with regard to the psychic. I wonder if that's a bow to how popular things like Medium are, or if that's just because they plan to use that theme, or even that particular psychic, again.
Well, it's one of the ongoing things in CM. You don't get to take comfort from *anything*. Neither God nor atheism will save you, and the universe never gives you the comfort of any kind of certainty. We've had that since the twins episode in S1.

It interests me that Hotch and Reid seem to be the ones who are most comfortable with that ambiguity.
Maybe. It certainly works on a character level.

Reid is the consummate agnostic, anyway--he's not committing to anything without evidence. Hotch is more of an enigma....
I wonder if it's that Hotch doesn't see that kind of certainty as necessary for the business at hand (immediate life)?

Yeah. I think for Hotch, it's not a question of whether it's right or wrong/real or not real, but whether it's relevant. And practically helpful. And since it's not, at least for him) he doesn't bother spending time on it.

Edited at 2009-02-17 10:20 pm (UTC)
Fantastic analysis of Hotch, who to me is a complex character.
That goes with the complexity of their characters. And Reid's intelligence--I think the smarter someone is, the more ways they can look at any given situation or idea (and the more fun it is to do so).
You know it's going to be a good episode when you recognize 75% of the names in the opening guest credits.

I was thinking, what with the victims' JJ-haircut and the psychic's false leads, that the team was about to lose another one, big. I was actually a little disappointed when they got there in the nick of time.

I loved how Emily's horrified response to the first necrophile's casual "Think I'm the only one who likes to pop open a cold one?" was immediately hidden under her bland-interrogator face. Nice bit of acting and editing there.
Yes indeed. *g*
Yeah, he's got it under control. Brave geekboy.
I liked the last scene, in part because it doesn't let the momentary lapse into woo woo be the last word on the topic, and in part because it is Rossi being an arrogant self-aggrandizing dickhead again, and that's what he does best. I mean, I've accepted him now, but I'm glad he's still a dickhead. if that makes any sense?

It was more a Rossi and JJ episode, which I suspect is why we got them to tie it up. They had the quotes, after all. (I am amused by the use of Lenore, which is apparently one of MGG's favorite poems).

Erm, actually it was Annabel Lee, if you're talking about the opening quote...

*is a huge Poe geek*

Edited at 2009-02-17 09:10 pm (UTC)
They're kinda starting to turn Rossi into dad. Or at least uncle is there and gets involved. He's still has a huge ego and a bit of an ass, but he also knows stuff. It was mice parallel to the scene where Todd asks "Did i kill them?" In Normal.
I actually agreed with Rossi and Prentiss on the psychic thing, so my annoyance at Rossi stems from how heavy-handed and self-righteous he was. (This is a theme with Rossi, isn't it? The self-righteousness getting in the way of investigating?)

This week I wanted more of the guest stars, and not less (like in Paradise, say). They were so good!!

I squealed and spilled an embarrassing amount of tea when I saw Reid's purple scarf.
That is indeed his fatal flaw. *g*
Emily shares my birthday. That made me much happier than it logically should.
Meh. I felt like there was a lot of good material in this one that just -- failed to jell somehow. I mean, I may be biased because I hate it when non-sff does the psychic woo-woo thing, and also I was really expecting them to lose this one, but I felt like the construction was wobbly, the dialogue was a bit off-standard all the way through, and the Poe riff was kind of blatant; these guys can do Regional Gothic real well, but I don't know that they've ever done the classical high style to my satisfaction. (Also, more brainwashing, less roller disco.)

The red herring necrophile cracked me up, though.
I liked this episode because it was different; we've seen in the past some fans just don't like different. And I like Rossi when he's being a pompous ass, because the more different he is from Gideon, the better I like him. The thought of ethereal Gideon dealing with the whole psychic issue is creepier than the psychic himself.

Fav moments: Emily's gesture (laughed so hard I couldn't explain to DH), the return of the scarf (is that part of his "hiking in the muddy woods" ensemble?), the Bernero name on the truck (drink!), and Reid being creeped out by the necrophile - which was strange since the Mill Creek killer was one, wasn't he? But Reid spent most of that ep in the cop shop (safe?) being psycholinguistic guy so he didn't get that close to him.

Yes to all those things. I cheered. *g*

This one may have caught him unawares. Or maybe it's just necrophilia with embalmed bodies that have been lying around a while that squicks him....
I adored Cybil Shepard being cold and bitchy. And I see you did notice the scarf so ignore that comment over on tor.com.

Comment I tried in vain to leave at tor.com -- 4 failures at reproducing their stupit password! I maintain this is them, not me. Probably revenge for not accepting their cookies. But anyway:

Shay! Is that you? Hi!

Er, we now return you to our regularly scheduled comment. My only memory of religion in Virginia is stuffing antiwar envelopes in a Quaker meeting house. In the 1960s. *g* Quaker Hotch anyone?

To my sorrow I find my memories of Gideon fading! At your comments I tried to call up his face -- and couldn't! The horra.

I have no tv right now so my ONLY knowledge of these eps is from your reviews. I find them comforting. :-/
*g* yay!