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i asked the same question once.

Late, but done!

Criminal Minds 4x14, "Cold Comfort," written by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beatty, directed by Anna Foerster

And again, deceptive advertising is deceptive.

Kevin! Garcia! Horrorscopes! And Morgan and Emily mock them.

"I have the magic ingredient. It's called Splenda." And Spencer tosses her under the bus without even realizing what he's doing, and then looks chagrined.

Hey, it's Reid's purple scarf. And Morgan in a dress shirt. What is this, S2? Drink!

"I have a simple gesture." Emily, FTW. Also, Emily and romance. Foreshadowing again?

Meanwhile, JJ is back! And sporting Trauma Hair pursuant to childbirth...

"That's different."

"He's rotating his victims out."

No wonder Prentiss and Reid get along. Strains of atheism and skepticism in both characters, though I think Reid harbors fewer convictions. And the conversation about embalming really bothers JJ.

"He wants to hold on to them."
"But eventually--"

"We know the odds." Ooo, Reid has new odds!

Morgan spots the necklace, and Reid catches the next clue. "He cares for them."

I'm liking the character work in this episode. It's understated, but nice.
Hotch is displeased by released evidence. Emily is displeased by psychics.
JJ defends the victim's mother to Rossi, and so does Morgan.

"Yeah, you're not my first."
Stanley Usher. Heh. Poe joke!
"There are a lot of people out there that don't believe in what you do either." Score one for the con man psychic!

The UNSUB cut their hair to look like JJ's. And we have finally found something sexual that squicks Reid. I guess it had to happen eventually.

I like Prentiss's turtleneck. /shallow.
Ed Gein!
Okay, Reid may have found a hairdresser, but the cardigan is eternal. Whoever is dressing him, their powers are limited.
Reid airquotes! MGG's fingernails are out of control again, I see.

"Look, man. I'm not here to judge you."
I do like Reid helping caretaker dude clean up the dead flowers. Symbolic gesture is symbolic.

"Mother's sleeping." Drink!

"Maybe this is the romantic encounter your horoscope foretold."

"That's a myth."

JJ as protective Mom. With hair matching the victims.
And even Hotch is getting tired of Rossi's one-track mind.
And ...brainwashing.
"and as soon as she accepts her new role, her fate is sealed." (Somewhere offscreen, Reid is wincing.)

"I can't afford to let my ego get in the way on this one." Ooo, snap.
Thematic book title is thematic!
Wow. Worst children's book ever.
Look, ma. Stockholm syndrome!
Look, in BAUland, it actually takes a while for DNA to come back.
Ooo, Prentiss is bad cop. And snarky bad cop.
And Reid, still squicking.
Fetish objects! Drink! "That's what makes it real."
And Reid cracks the case!

"Guess that's what they call failing up."
"Or marrying well."

Cybil Shepherd! And Randolph Mantooth!
"Patrick likes to think he was a good father." ooo, toxic family is toxic.
And Hotch is just speechless about how screwed up this truly is.

Tech kitten and psycholinguist dude are helpless. Aieeee!
Shouldn't that letter be in a baggie?

"I missed you."
"Me too."
That? Right there? is a nice bit of dialogue.

"What is this place?"
"It's forever."
And they lived happily ever after...

Police footwork trumps psychic manifestations....

"We won this time." Drink!
"Welcome back."

I liked this ep. Not one of the top-five, but a perfectly solid entry in the mythos.

I like, again, that the characters have a range of reactions and personal beliefs, and the show doesn't go out of its way to validate one over the others. Instead, the focus is not on what we believe, but on what we do with that belief.

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