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More procrastinating: The Million Words.

Submissions since January 1st, 2002: 142
Submissions currently out: 18
Sales since January of 2002: 3 pro, 6 semipro
Words written since January of 2003: 361,927
Words written in the last 7 days: 11,618

I could probably have more semipro sales if I wanted them, but since the only semipro markets I submit to are On Spec, Ideomancer, Fortean Bureau, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, and Say..., I'm probably limiting my outlets there.

And a bucketload of very flattering rejections. How can a rejection be flattering? Well, for one thing, it can not tell you that you probably can't spell. *g*

I just need to do this periodically, to remind myself that I am, in fact, getting somewhere. Slowly, but surely. Because some days, it feels like I can't get this damned career out of first gear. And the clutch is slipping.

And then I have to stop and remind myself, no. I actually am pretty good at this. And I'm getting better. Even if it feels like I'm about to hit another plateau, and it scares me.

And if not this story, the next one. And if not this novel, the one after that.

Because good enough isn't good enough, and there's that million words of shit to consider, and then there's John Gardner's advice to aspiring novelists to always, always keep in mind. "Great. Now go write for ten years."

Or, as I keep chanting under my breath: "Right story. Right desk. Right day. Write better." It's the only decent advice I have to give.

I may as well take it myself.

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