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bear by san

March 2017



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holmes confidence

And now, I get to start packing (because I hope I am moving next week, OMG) and continue working on Chill, which are my two projects for the rest of the week.


Good luck with the packing, and the move! Looking forward to seeing pics of the Presumptuous Cat and the Ridiculous Dog in their new digs.
We're waiting to see if the application is approved, basically.

(and right now I REALLY wish people would stop sending me unsolicited books. *g* I need to have an eBay sale.)

Edited at 2009-02-23 02:47 pm (UTC)
I did get one shelf (four boxes) packed. The question is, is packing better displacement for Chill, or vice versa?

Right now, I'd rather pack. Hmm. I guess that means I should be writing.
So it should be a quiet week? ;)

Good luck with the move.
Good luck with the move! I hope the Presumptious Cat approves of her new home. Also looking forward to the arrival of the Ridiculous Dog. :)
Don't think I knew about the move, but I hope it's an easy and relatively painless one...
Good luck with the packing. Just think, that's only half the fun! :-)
good luck with the move.
Eeee, moving. We hates it, Precious, yes we do. (Never living in the same place for more than 9 months gets wearying. "Yay college.")

May the net clutter quotient only decrease, may the moving gnolls steal nothing you can't live without, and may you be settled and "home" again quickly. :-)
Rice matociquala.