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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

the motel ceiling stares you down

Well, I have cleaned and packed and poked at the novel a little, and I have also finished Book #10, The House With The Clock In Its Walls by John Bellairs.

I love me some John Bellairs.


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I think that Bellairs was fabulous, and have been following the books that Brad Strickland has been doing in his world. I even have the two books not in the YA series.
John Bellairs came to my school when I was in 5th or 6th grade (I think?) because we all wrote him letters saying how much we loved "The House With a Clock In Its Walls." It was the first time I ever realized that the people who write books are actual, you know, people.
The Face In The Frost is one of my all-time faves, but since I can't reread that every week, I'm branching out to some of the YA stuff.
That was the first John Bellairs book I ever read. It scared the hell out of me and I loved it madly.

It may also have been my introduction to Edward Gorey. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was.
I would say the bellairs influence is evident in your adult work, even.

Th car chase still scares me.
Yay for packing. Nothing like trying to squeeze your existence into N cardboard boxes.

I will love that book forever for the simple reason that it introduced me to Mr Gorey's artwork. (The book itself's not half bad either.)
Loved the Edward Gorey covers on those old trade editions, too.
I loved that trilogy (and the book with the weathervane) when I was a kid. I don't know what happened to those paperbacks. I need to replace them.
I love that book! I read it as a kid, then read it to my son a few years back. So deliciously creepy.
I <3 that book. Forever and ever and ever. I want their magic 8-ball desperately.

Now you have me wondering where my copy of A Face In the Frost wandered off to.

Hmmmm. Looks like a Bellairs-themed trip to the bookstore is in my immediate future. After I stop being sick.

Edited at 2009-02-23 08:06 pm (UTC)
i just read that last summer, and i do love it. synchronicitiously (if that's a word) my lj entry last night was about YA fiction -- i invite you to check it out.
Wait, now you're turning up over here?

It's getting smaller!
I agree, as long as we're talking about the living John Bellairs. The books by his zombie suck.
Amen. Though if anybody would be a zombie....
Oh, wow. I haven't thought about that book in ages. I made a diorama about it in fourth grade. (It's also, now that I think about it, my immediate association with the word "mausoleum.")

I think I'll have to track it down, when I'm back in the US.
Whenever I go to my local library I check to make sure they haven't weeded one of their lovely hardcover-with-Edward-Gorey-illustrations editions of those. If they have, and if they've put it out for sale I buy it.

If The Letter, The Witch and The Ring is the one where Rose Rita and Mrs. Zimmerman go on vacation, that is one of my favorites, too.

I should read The Face in the Frost. I read a lot of his YA books when I was growing up but have never read The Face in the Frost.
That's such an awesome book.

...It is, in fact, and I like it a lot. This leads me to the fairly intuitive next (rhetorical) question of, "Why don't I own it?"

Must add to some list or other.
It rocks. Has that been said already in this thread?

I was just thinking about _Clock_ after seeing the _Coraline_ movie -- imagine how the one reminded me of the other, go ahead -- and thinking that someone awesome should do a _Clock_ movie. Harry Sellick isn't the only awesome choice. There are many ways it could go. (And many more poor ways, of course, but I'm allowed to dream about the good ones.)

On the one hand, the time period could feel awfully dated, and updating it without going sour is tricky. On the other hand, if you update it, you can make some command decisions. Does Lewis work better as a girl? (_Coraline_, again, among other topics of current fannish discussion Joss.)

I learned at Boskone that NESFA is reprinting _The Face in the Frost_, along with a couple of lesser-known Bellairs works, in April. (_Clock_ is easy to find.)
Ooo. NESFA, you always come through... *g*
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