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when they said repent, i wonder what they meant?

In a minute here, I need to find some lunch.

I got a whole bunch of packing and discarding done (clothes) and discovered in the process that I am currently in the top half of my size 16 jeans (because of course stupid jeans are not all the same size even when they say they are) which means that the 18s went into the "get rid of me" bags. Less stuff to move! Also, I now own seven pairs of trousers that fit or nearly fit (counting my yoga pants) rather than three. So, total sartorial WIKTORY!

Also, I packed up three giant bags of stuff for Goodwill, and a pile of stuff to bring to my mom. The apartment is starting to look pretty disassembled, but I feel remarkably productive.

Now, however, I am being colonized by a cat, and have no further plans for useful work today. It'll be off to the climbing gym in a couple hours.

Speaking of cats, OMG, last time she ever gets the Iams canned food. The results are pretty much prohibited under the Geneva convention.

I am currently geeking, because I have also gotten the utility switchover handled this morning, and the move date is looking fairly firm at March 7th. Which means it's less than a fortnight to Giant Ridiculous Dog. (eee. dog!)

Oh, so much life stress off my shoulders all at once. This is a happy thing.

And in additional happy-making/life-stress reducing things, I'm bouncing on the edge of my seat in anticipation of getting to share the first episode of S2 of Shadow Unit with y'all on Sunday. It's about twenty thousand words of juicy goodness, and I just can't wait.

Best! Week! Ever!

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