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jazzer, drop your axe. it's jazz police.

Okay. I pretty much need to get up out of this chair and shower and dress so I can go to yoga and then go collect boxes. Yesterday, I did not see my apartment between 8 am and 10:30 pm, and the cat is letting me know about it (Cat, take your tiny neutronium paws off my bruised shin). Today, I go work out, and then I come home and pack.

But business aside, it was a really good day.

I can tell my stress level is dropping, because last night I had the urge to play guitar again. I haven't touched my axe in a month. It's sitting there in its case being sad and unloved, like a puppy. (Because it was nearly midnight, I had pity on my neighbors and left it there. But today, baby, I will tune you. And oh, my fingers will regret it, but I will play a little between bouts of packing.)

The pre-moving booksale (as previously advertised, will take place today, starting around noon EST. It will be bare-bones and Paypal or personal check only, because the idea is to convert some of this weight into airy-light digital money before I have to schlep it.

I also need to try to stay off the internets today, because my forearms are killing me, and I need to write two nonfiction pieces around the packing.

I blame the 5.8 on Wednesday.
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