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bear by san

March 2017



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[Shadow Unit fourth wall locked]

phiremangston has done something super-cool: a neurological and neurochemical analysis of the Shadow Unit character Charles Villette, aka cvillette, aka standuponit.

This is like the coolest fan project evar.

It does, as you might guess, contain spoilers for pretty much all of Shadow Unit season 1, and some of the post-season, but man is it cool.

Which reminds me: Less than 48 hours to season 2!


You have the best fans. :)
That's my little sister. *proud*
Dang. You have a heck of a family over there.
She comes by it honestly; I did fandom ethnography for my senior thesis. <3
Okay, I agree with your mood entirely. That was a fascinating read :)
While waiting, agog, for the next series of 'Shadow Unit' I have been re-watching 'Criminal Minds' and reading your lj comments simultaneously. I suspect that that's Art reflecting Life (or vice-versa.) The article you link to is fascinating! Chaz is my favourite character by far.

I hope your move goes smoothly!

That is amazing.
That is VERY cool.

I am so ready for Season 2 I can hardly stand it.

Hmm... Makes me think of what he'd be like after some Dialectic Behaviour Training. I went through a round of that, and it's one of the things that's really helped me. I'll explain if you'd like.
Sorry, "think" sould have been "wonder" in the previous.
Why have I never heard of DBT before? It sounds quite useful. Thank you both!
I'd gone through TONS of therapy, but didn't find about DBT until the last depressive smackdown. If you're interested there's a DBT LiveJournal community at dbt_information. (Sorry, keep forgetting how to do links...)
Thanks again! Maybe it will help me avoid my next scheduled smackdown. Strangely, they tend to happen every two years, and the last one was this past year, so this will give me some time to work on it.
Did you get to see Marsha Lilihan's tapes? They were a hoot, and my guess is that she was putting herself on. (Love to see what Chaz'd make of her!)

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I'm pretty sure DBT saved my life. During my last depression I remember conciously thinking, "The world is broken"--those exact words.

The first time I went to a class I felt just about as bad as I did during my worst times. However, when they got to the part explaining exactly why I thought the way I did, I finally got it that being depressive and having a brain with screwed up wiring wasn't my fault!

You know what I'd like to see? Chaz having a harder and harder time of dealing with everything after everything that happend to him at the end of season 1, and having to go through something like DBT. It's like the end of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode after Picard had been tortured, and his admitting that he had... well, cracked.
This is probably the part where I point out that Chaz has a Ph.D. in psychology and an interest in comparative religion, and probably knows the protocols for DBT and CBT pretty well!

Of course, if he were in therapy, he probably wouldn't be blogging about it. But I rather imagine it would be a condition of his return to work.

(I'm a CT girl myself--it's worked pretty well for me. Or at least, I'm alive and unmedicated, which is pretty good for somebody who's been diagnosed bipolar manic depressive (they didn't have bipolar disorder back then) for over thirty years.)
Good points. But then there's knowing about something and then knowing you need that particular thing...

Ooooo, I just had a lovely idea. What if Marcia were a gamma?
There is in deed knowing about something, and knowing you need that particular thing.

What time does Lucky Day air?