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fenton, lord of the inferno

Okay. Went to the gym, got boxes, set up book sale, packed, threw stuff away, wrote three articles, and wrote a blurb.

I'd say it was Miller Time but I don't touch the stuff and my boss lets me drink on the clock anyway.

I think, today, I did okay.

Tomorrow I fix the bad draft of article #3, pick up my shiny new apartment keys, proofread "Lucky Day," and pack more. I may in fact blow off lifting weights and running in favor of hefting boxes. Or maybe I will go for a nice jog outside, if the weather's okay.

My god. It's full of stars.

We in the US of A spring forward a week from Sunday, by the way, for anybody still confused by the Bushian time adjustment. Soon my sunsets will be later and I will be getting up in the dark again.
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