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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

i'm not a real doctor but i am a real worm

Sean Williams (in conjunction with Pyr books) is giving away his novel The Crooked Letter for free! in pdf. Details here.

Free books! Free books!

In other news, the laundry is done and the packing continues apace. There are an awful lot of books in this tiny apartment. I'm sure you're shocked to learn that. Maybe .pdf is the solution....


i'm not a real doctor but i am a real worm

Yes, but are you an actual worm?
I think she's getting better on the drums.
If you have a book published on Kindle, will the publishers clog up its hard drive with free downloads?

Or you could just get a wood stove.
Grabbed that last night! Now to find the time to read it!
That's my one deterrent to moving, all these damn books, oi.

Last move but one for us was cross country.

From a huge communal house we'd shared with a rotating cast of about a dozen people during the decade we lived there- to a cute l'il cottage.


Leaving aside the mountains of things former houshold members had forgotten, 'forgotten' or meant to come pick up 'someday', there were books. Oh my *insert deity name here* there were books.

Even after I pulled out the five or six bookcases worth of books we had to keep, there were books books books. Books we did not have room for in our new cute l'il house. I gave trusted persons leave to come pick over our shelves and they did so gleefully.

Still BOOKS for days. I made a few phone calls and found them a home.

So I packed up the couple of thousand books (srsly) into brown paper grocery bags. (Little known fact- you cannot put more books into a brown paper grocery bag than your average person can lift. The same cannot be said of cardboard boxes.) I then loaded the couple of thousand books into a huge van and sent them off to the local VA hospital.

My late brother said the volunteers didn't quite throw a ticker tape parade for the bhooks, but it was a near thing.

I'm nowhere near having more e-books than physical ones, but that's because I have way too many of the former rather than not enough of the latter.

There's a reason why more and more of my reading is e-book, though, and why I have most[1] of Bear's work in electronic format.

My preferred e-book format is Fictionwise's "Multiformat", which is non-DRMed and lets you download in several different file types as the name implies; second best is "Secure eReader" since that DRM is minimally invasive and doesn't require re-authorization from a server for each new device.

[1] I can't get all of them. Fictionwise doesn't have Whiskey & Water, though it has the books on either side of it; they also don't have The Chains That You Refuse, which is annoying since short story collections are great for e-books.
I'm glad to hear that Sean is giving away one of his books online, but I'm totally boggling that I heard about it from you first. It seems all my aussie author flisters are sleeping on the job. =)

And as for format considerations, although I don't like to read pdf myself, I'm fine with it because my preferred software, Mobipocket, can convert from pdf.