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*drowning the Tudors in a bucket*

I've figured out why this damned book is kicking my ass right now. It's because I've reached the part of the narrative where I have to explain what the hell these people are doing, and why, and what the motivation is. And thereby hangs the tale. Because the Elizabethan history is exactly what's kicking my ass.

Because it doesn't make any sense.

It's random and arbitrary and totally opaque and nobody on earth has any idea why any of these people were doing what they were doing, and I have to turn it into a narrative arc. This whole bizarre nest of apparently random betrayals and counter betrayals and minor insurrections and nonsensical pardonings and what the hell was Elizabeth thinking, and what the hell was Robert Cecil trying to pull, why the HELL didn't anybody ever put a bullet in Robin Poley's thrice-be-damned head?




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