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bear by san

March 2017



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drive train _ netcurmudgeon

another forty thousand happen every day

Okay, this is total (hysterically funny) girly TMI, so if are male or smallbreasted and you wish to remain innocent of the afflictions of the boobular, you may wish not to click on the cut tag.

So generally when I am at home and don't expect to see other monkeys, or I'm sleeping, I wear tank tops with built in halter bras, because it's not comfortable for me to walk around au naturel, and a girl can only stand underwires so many hours of the day.

Anyway, I was wearing a tank top with a racer back and a really deep scoop, and packing boxes of books.

...yeah, half of you are laughing already.

Anyway, I bent over to pick up a box of books, and my tit fell out of the halter top. And got squished between me and the heavy box. Which I couldn't put down just then for reasons of ergonomics and topography.


I just changed into a less low-cut top.

Fabulous reality, that's what that was.

You ever notice how Red Sonja never has these problems? I think hers are full of helium, not fat.


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Cringe! (curling protectively around frontage)

ETA: *Close* parentheses, silly Self!

Edited at 2009-02-28 10:25 pm (UTC)
Helium would also explain why hers defy the laws of gravity as well.

I put up with the underwire for most of the day to avoid problems like that, after deciding that it was less painful to wear the underwire and avoid incidents like that. Owie! You have my sympathy!
Women in mainstream superhero comics have tits that defy many laws of physics. They also, surprisingly, find themselves in porn poses during fights. Go figure.

I always wondered why Red Sonja's chain mail didn't chafe. Or catch sensitive parts between links.
Just grow some X-ray vision and you've got a self-mammogram!
*recognises and sympathises*

I've not met "boobular" before but am adding it to my list of favourite words.
OW! Also, the moment when a child STANDS ON YOUR NIPPLE is never a winner.

I just got mine edited into 18-yo format again. It's fabulous. They're like, all the way up HERE. But it's sport for the well-insured.

Hurry up, Mr. President.
It is not more fun when a sharp-clawed dog stands on your nipple. Probably not less fun, either, though.

And then when you nudge her to get off and she stands on your other nipple. That's such a win.
That has happened to me as well. The memories!
The memories!

Don't you mean "The mammaries!"?
That sounds painful.
I'm disappointed that no one has yet used the words "booby trap".
That one might be met with a shooting. *wry*
That sounds like how I found out my boobs had gotten bigger. My favorite bra started forcibly ejecting my breasts at rather inopportune times. I thought, hey, it's an old bra, guess I need a new one. Bought new ones online. Hahaha... they didn't fit. Not even CLOSE. So I went and got measured, figuring my ribcage size had gone up.

Nope. B-cup to a D-cup with no stops in between.

Boobs are strange things. Where can I sign up to get mine filled with helium?
Do-it-yourself mammogram? Just find a book with X-ray capability...
This is kind of the female equivalent of those "football in the groin" stories that get guys crossing their legs in sympathy, yeah. (G-cup here, for the record, who's watched her even more endowed Mum slam one or other of the girls on a tabletop a time or two herself...)
Double-D, and getting more and more enamored of the idea of lopping some of this stuff OFF.
I wish I could say that I have not had almost the same experience. I say 'almost' because there weren't books in my box, but reams of paper. Yowza.
I once got one of mine stuck in the bathroom door.


This is why you can find me sitting around in a bra and pj pants all the time.
They turn off the cameras when women our size move around.

(Or, in my case, they switch to panoramic lens.)
As a fellow Full Figured Gal*, I feel your pain. Ow ow ow.

*points if you remember who spoke that phrase in advertising
That would be Jane Russell for Playtex Cross-Your-Heart Bras. (I can also remember a time when all the X-Men were WASPS.)
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