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another forty thousand happen every day

Okay, this is total (hysterically funny) girly TMI, so if are male or smallbreasted and you wish to remain innocent of the afflictions of the boobular, you may wish not to click on the cut tag.

So generally when I am at home and don't expect to see other monkeys, or I'm sleeping, I wear tank tops with built in halter bras, because it's not comfortable for me to walk around au naturel, and a girl can only stand underwires so many hours of the day.

Anyway, I was wearing a tank top with a racer back and a really deep scoop, and packing boxes of books.

...yeah, half of you are laughing already.

Anyway, I bent over to pick up a box of books, and my tit fell out of the halter top. And got squished between me and the heavy box. Which I couldn't put down just then for reasons of ergonomics and topography.


I just changed into a less low-cut top.

Fabulous reality, that's what that was.

You ever notice how Red Sonja never has these problems? I think hers are full of helium, not fat.

Tags: huge tracts of... land, stay classy bear

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