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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter broken because you're bri

roscoe tried to miss him but he didn't, quite.

Okay. That's all the books packed, except a few stragglers. The cat is enjoying the empty bookshelves. I have one of those Ikea bookcases divided up into cubes, and you can get an amazing amount of books into it, but I really need a couple more so that when I am at the new place I can reserve a cube in each for the cat's use. I suspect she will like that, especially if I make sure it's above dog nose level.

Tomorrow, I pack clothes. That will leave only geegaws, phneh, DVDs, and kitchen stuff for the rest of the week.

Now my most important decision for the rest of the evening is "Hot wings or pizza?"

I think pizza is winning. But I don't really expect to do much cooking this week, somehow, so it might be hot wings tomorrow.


What's phneh? Also, why is your packing so much less angsty than mine was?
phneh is all that stuff that just sort of exists to be stuff. Shelf phneh, pocket phneh, purse phneh. Like that.

My packing is not angsty because the longest I have lived in any one place in my adult life is three years, and I'm used to throwing stuff in boxes by now. *g* Also, I don't own a ton of stuff, and what I do own is mostly books and furniture.
Did you coin "phneh"?
No, it dates from my college days....
(Oh, and I vote pizza. But I'm pro-pizza biased.)
Pizza won on a judge's decision. *g* I felt I had earned carrrrrrrrrrrrbsssssssssssssss. And dairyfat.
those ikea cube things make great cat perches. at least my cats think so

hot wings.. pizza........ hotwing pizza?
Cube-thing like Expedit? (Not to be all stalkery, just interested in bookcase recommendations; I've got some serious overflow. :P)
Yup. They rock.
My gang vote yes for extra cubes in the bookcases for dedicated cat-lounging. They may not realize it's for the PC and not them.


...As a happy side-effect to some net.wrenching I did at the in-law's place today, I have a spiffy Netgear all-in-one firewall / wireless access point for you. This one has WPA; the older stand-alone AP I have only has WEP, so that's a big plus.

Re: BTW...

Huzzah! And it turns out there's cable pulled all through the air registers already.