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children, children--

I have so many wonderful things to show you.

First, Shadow Unit s02x01, "Lucky Day," is alive! it's alive! it's aliiiivveeee! Ahem. I mean live. It's live, it's live. Go read it here, and then when you are done, come hang out on the Shadow Unit BBS and chat about it with the rest of us.

Second, the March issue of Ideomancer is live, with awesome fiction and poetry by J(ae)D Brames, Michaela Kahn, Steven Mohan, Jr., J. C. Runolfson, Mike Allen, and Amal El-Mohtar.

Like Public Radio, both of these fine publications are entirely listener fan-supported, so if you enjoy what you see, feel free to throw a few bucks in the kitty to ensure the continued existence of excellent online fiction.
Tags: free online fiction, ideomancer, wtf

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