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i was born like this, i had no choice. i was born with the gift of a golden voice.

Also, for those of you who missed it, because who reads Livejournal on a Sunday except sad, lifeless persons like me--

Shadow Unit season 2 is go: the first episode "aired" yesterday. You can read it here.

For those of you who are joining us in progress, and don't yet know what Shadow Unit is--well, it's a collaborative hyperfiction narrative. A web serial, formatted much like a "Virtual Season" of a TV show--except it's an entire virtual series. It's free, with an option for micropayments, so I guess technically it's guiltware.

It's written by me, Sarah Monette, Holly Black, Will Shetterly, Amanda Downum, Leah Bobet, and Emma Bull.

It concerns the exploits of a fictional FBI task force whose job is stopping human monsters who have been granted paranormal abilities by a poorly-understood force known as the Anomaly... and maybe figuring out what the Anomaly is and how to defeat it, into the bargain.

Of course, some of the agents have been touched by the Anomaly, as well--

In addition to the episodes, there are DVD extras including vignettes and artwork, and there's certain interactive capabilities: several of the characters maintain blogs, and some events of the narrative take place in real time.

There's also a Wiki (full of spoilers! srsly!) and there are Easter Eggs and toys hidden in most of the episodes and sometimes, um, some of the DVD extras. (There's a complete list of easter eggs in the wiki, if you don't like scavenger hunts.)

Also, there's a message board and a thriving fan community. Um. We play games.

Older episodes can be found here.

It if were a real TV series, it would belong to the same subgenre as, say, The X-Files and Millennium. With an outcross to Criminal Minds or The Wire, as it features an ensemble cast.

Seriously. It's good stuff. You'll like it.

And now I have to go back to picking the 27,000 tiny refrigerator poetry magnets off my fridge. Oh Noes!
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