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one for sorrow, two for joy

Seven for a Secret (out officially the end of the month, though I would guess unofficially it might be any day now) garnered two absolutely lovely reviews in Locus this month.

Rich Horton listed is as a "recommended story," saying among other things: Elizabeth Bear's new book, Seven for a Secret, is a very satisfying latter-day sequel to her mosaic novel New Amsterdam.

And an excerpt from the Faren Miller review says: The situation seems less grim than exciting to a pair of girls who barely manage to hide their lesbianism, their anti-government sentiments, and certain uncanny capabilities (for whatever the leaders wish to think, whatever the laws decree, magic does exist here). When the lives of these girls intersect with that of the wampyr who goes by many names, and the dying old woman he both tends and loves, it leads to moments of blood, sweat, and gloriously foolhardy danger, yet Bear never lets us forget the longer view.
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