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Cat Vs. Monkey: Packing Rats

Cat: ooo! Boxes! awesome!
Monkey: You, know, this whole moving process is supposed to stress you out.
Cat: Cardboard! bags! best game ever!
Monkey:  It says right here, cats are creatures of habit, and easily distressed by turmoil and upheaval in their environment.
Cat: Bookshelves! Empty! Everywhere! You should have thought of this years ago!
Monkey: And then when we get to the new house, I'm supposed to introduce you to it gradually.
Cat: It has stairs. You said it had stairs. And wood floors downstairs! To chase glitterballs across!
Monkey: Do you think you'd mind spending the first week in the bedroom?
Cat: You wouldn't dare. I'm a professional. Now excuse me, I have to go hide in the box maze and purrrrrrr.
Tags: cat vs. monkey, presumptuous cat

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