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bear by san

March 2017



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problem cat

Cat Vs. Monkey: Packing Rats

Cat: ooo! Boxes! awesome!
Monkey: You, know, this whole moving process is supposed to stress you out.
Cat: Cardboard! bags! best game ever!
Monkey:  It says right here, cats are creatures of habit, and easily distressed by turmoil and upheaval in their environment.
Cat: Bookshelves! Empty! Everywhere! You should have thought of this years ago!
Monkey: And then when we get to the new house, I'm supposed to introduce you to it gradually.
Cat: It has stairs. You said it had stairs. And wood floors downstairs! To chase glitterballs across!
Monkey: Do you think you'd mind spending the first week in the bedroom?
Cat: You wouldn't dare. I'm a professional. Now excuse me, I have to go hide in the box maze and purrrrrrr.


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*laughing* And thus, the way of cats.

(We love them for it.)
I think I adore your cat. She just made my day better, at any rate.
She's currently hugging my leg and purring with delight at how WONDERFUL this all is. She thinks moving is the best game ever.

(She's never really approved of this apartment. She'll be happier in a bigger place with better birdwatching. But this is her seventh house we're moving into, and she regularly sojourns at my mom's, so she's a very well-traveled cat. She did NOT approve of being carried through O'Hare in a Sherpa bag, though. *g*)

She really is a day-improver in a lot of ways. *g*
Awww. Your cat sounds awesome. (But then she's a cat, so I don't know why I'm surprised.)

She did brighten up my morning, though. So many thanks for sharing this. ^-^
And then when we get to the new house, I'm supposed to introduce you to it gradually.

Lol, ok, can you explain how you're suppose to do that with a cat? Our female (who hated being anywhere near an open door) sat in the litter box all day, until everything was moved it. It was cute and sad at the same time, just these two little eyes peeking out over the rim.

Our male, on the other hand, discovered how much fun climbing trees could be. :D
A cat I know likes to be pushed around in a cardboard box as if she were in a toy car. The faster the better. Who knew? And she's otherwise a very tame creature. It's like when you find out your 4 foot nothing, aged aunt likes to ride Harleys.
She's doing it just to make your life a little more surreal. :)
What everyone else said. .. and a boxful of chuckles, besides. A cat to be nominated to the Cat Hall of Fame for monkey manipulation!
Mine moved so many times and clear across the country that their attitude was more like:
"Where's the litterbox?"
"Where's the food?"
"Where's the window I can see birds out of?"
And that was that.
Ha! Sounds like my cat (aka: The Suburban Panther) during our last move. Empty shelves, empty cabinets, empty boxes, and a cat door once we got to the new house!
I love this post. It is the best thing on the internet today. I now want to build a box maze for my kitties.
Ahhh, the simple joys of moving with a cat who dosen't know the rules!
So, I'm glad the cat isn't being too severely traumatized by the moving. I can only hope that the same is true of the monkey.
hehe you know this reminds me of the first time we brought our cat on a vacation (no 'sitter at home so we had to), and we were like nooo don't let her out she'll never find her way back.

And she just walsed back in a couple of hours later, with a mouse and acted like "look how smart i am i even brought you dinner". We pretty much bring her everytime now, she seems to love it, and if she's left at home with a 'sitter she refuses to come inside until we get back

she's pretty wierd but hey that's what you get when you take in strays
I so love your cat. :D She's a sweetie.

I moved Precious and Lucky, my cats, from California to Phoenix, AZ, by car. Precious traveled by carrier, and meowed the whole 356-mile trip--the feline equivalent of, "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" for SIX hours. :S Lucky refused to get into the carrier after Precious attempted to rip off his face, so he rode curled up on my mother's feet. Unlike his big sister, he did not ask, "Are we there yet?", but kept quiet as if hoping that if he just closed his eyes, he'd be out of the moving Focus soon.

When I moved from the house I rented to my current apartment, Lucky again traveled on the floor of the car. Once more, he made no sound. However, once I started unpacking boxes, he took it as a sign to go have fun, and proceeded to hop in and out of every container I opened.
I feel for you.

Iniki and Koshka had to be in carriers in the front seat of the truck with me for the move from Ithaca, NY, to MN. We did stop in Chicago overnight, but that was the gods-awful longest fourteen hour drive I have ever performed. The one didn't like being in a carrier in a *moving* vehicle, the other didn't like being in a carrier in a *stationary* vehicle. And neither of them liked rough roads.
Ichi and Kisuke think that we created boxen especially for them to sit in/on. Koga and Willow, otoh, know the rules and follow them.

I think they are convinced that Ichi and Kisuke are aliens, or something. It's quite awesome.
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