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he drove off to his local where he felt antisocial

Promoting from comments:

almeda has an awesome story about a duck

In other news, there is successfully internets at the new house, and I have moved the dishes over and started running them through the dishwasher. A dishwasher, I note, makes the prospect of rewashing already-clean dishes that much less irritating.

However, now I need to go wash dishes here, and maybe pack another O*&)(&(*&(* box.

I will probably be largely absent from livejournal for the next few days, as you might expect.

Sadly, the big loss with regard to the move is that my local will no longer be the fabled Half Door, Hartford's best nearly-Irish pub. Instead, it will be The Hungry Tiger, as immortalized in Blood & Iron. Which is a great place to go listen to bands you've never heard of, but the food and the beer list is, well.

It's not the Half Door, I'll tell you that.
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