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bear by san

March 2017



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spies avengers steed and peel needed

he drove off to his local where he felt antisocial

Promoting from comments:

almeda has an awesome story about a duck

In other news, there is successfully internets at the new house, and I have moved the dishes over and started running them through the dishwasher. A dishwasher, I note, makes the prospect of rewashing already-clean dishes that much less irritating.

However, now I need to go wash dishes here, and maybe pack another O*&)(&(*&(* box.

I will probably be largely absent from livejournal for the next few days, as you might expect.

Sadly, the big loss with regard to the move is that my local will no longer be the fabled Half Door, Hartford's best nearly-Irish pub. Instead, it will be The Hungry Tiger, as immortalized in Blood & Iron. Which is a great place to go listen to bands you've never heard of, but the food and the beer list is, well.

It's not the Half Door, I'll tell you that.


Remember that carrying boxes will use a few muscle groups that aren't exercised by all the climbing. Please don't hurt yourself.

Friends help you move.
Good friends help you move bodies.
Really good friends help you move books.
"Minn-StF movers", more some decades ago than now (we are largely more affluent, older, and more lazy), would descend on a pile of book boxes like hungry jackals, form a bucket brigade from the third floor down to the truck (or vice versa), and move them all in about 45 minutes. Denny actually *numbered* his boxes for his last move; there were 635 of them. It's amazing how easy books are if they aren't in anything bigger than 1.5 cubic foot boxes (smaller is better, but rare), and if you have enough people. But then enough people is the sovereign remedy for almost any moving problem, except refrigerators.
And pianos.
Right, definitely not pianos either.
Refrigerators aren't bad, it's the hide a bed couches that usually injure me.
Also trying to get a full-height rack (like you'd put servers in, ie. a few hundred pounds of metal, not the other kind) into my second-floor walkup. Actually, basically any problem involving large objects in narrow stairwells can't be solved by applying more people, unless you want to grind them up real fine and use them for lubrication.
Years ago, moving between apartments, a friend who was helping me move complained that the boxes full of books were of a ridiculous weight. The conversation went something like:

Him: This one's even heavier than the last one!
Me: peers at books Sorry. Those are the science books. Bound the be heavier, the words are bigger.
I am chagrined to report that after reading this I found myself absent-mindedly singing, "Kiss my ass, I bought a duck...."

if you ever change your mind which you do from time to time

Maybe there's a bar with a good beer list waiting to be discovered near you?

Re: if you ever change your mind which you do from time to time

Manchester's kind of not famous for them. *g*
Packing doesn't bother me; unpacking is the pits. I also prefer having moved rather than...well, you know.

I *like* unpacking. It's much more orderly.
I will probably be largely absent from livejournal for the next few days, as you might expect.
I note with approval your cleverness at scheduling your move for a week when CM is in reruns.

How soon until the Ridiculous Dog joins your entourage?
I was going to ask the same thing!!
Sometime next week, I hope?
For those of us still marooned on the limited Express Bus Schedule (thank you CT Transit Authority), where, um, is the Half Door please?
Oi. Foolish CT Transit.

It's at Farmington and Sisson. I really, really recommend the reuben eggrolls.

Which are, yes, the contents of a reuben sandwich rolled up in an eggroll. And fried. With mustard and thousand island dressing.


I said that.
Manchester, hummmmm ... the cheese burgers are good at Shady Glen and good ice cream for those days when ice cream is warranted. If you actually find a good restaurant, please let us know. Says someone who used to live there ages ago and still visits.
Actually, uh. Shady Glen is, for me, kind of inedible.

I'm sorry. *winces*
Just saw the Manchester and remembered. Memories are usually better than current reality. Happy moving.

Good beer in Boston (well Brookline)

Not sure what kinds of beer you like but next time you're up this way, check out The Publick House in Brookline (http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-publick-house-brookline). Oh the Belgian beer on tap! Oh the pumpkin ravioli! Darn, now I'm hungry.