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Progress notes

Words: 1774
Reason for stopping: Waiting for a brief Latin translation from somebody who speaks Latin, and not French. Also, I'm too tired to care what happens next, which is not the time to be writing High Drama.

Finished the Will POV, got into another Kit POV, and he's stalling. I'm on page 755 continguous, and I have 786 pages total, counting some scene and outline stuff that's hung off the end. Also, I figured out why the hell Frances Walsingham Sidney married Robert Devereaux, the 2nd and icky Earl of Essex. (Yes, that Essex.)

I suspect I need to get Edmund Spenser and Ferdinando Stanley on stage a bit more in the first two thirds of the book.

I think I have too many damned characters, subplots, and things. And it's like juggling a seven-ball cascade keeping all this stuff in the air. (ebear wanders off into a brief visual fantasy where she's standing on a teeter totter in Harvard Square, juggling things, and occasionally bouncing a bag off her foot to put it back into the cascade)
(And now I wonder if that guy still does Harvard Square, or if he broke down and got a day job. That would be sad, because he was awfully good.)

This would be my clue that it's time to go to bed.

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