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bear by san

March 2017



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david bowie black tie - sosostris2012

For the record, I do not support the "outing" of people who participate in fannish or other online activities under a pseudonym.

I've said that before, and I will continue to say it any time I am asked.


I hope that wasn't because of me, you're quite out as to what you are.
I deeply regret that it was necessary for you to say such an obvious thing.
That is a fine and excellent position. I say this as the person who ran the Fidonet SF echo under a "real names" (with a generous, including established handles, definition of "real") policy, and think that in general people being "themselves" behave much better than people who are out on a lark and having consequence-free fun (one way, not the only way, people use anonymity). But it's also true that there are plenty of solidly legitimate reasons for some people to use pseudonyms sometimes, and in the end it has to be their choice (a choice which will occasionally preclude participation in some groups). Deliberately contravening that choice, deliberately connecting the bits of their lives that people do not want visibly connected, is an extreme action not to be undertaken lightly (I can see the argument for some historical cases, like closeted gay people who were engaging in high-visibility anti-gay activities).
Yeah, that's pretty uncool.

If someone uses a pseudonym, that should be respected, IMO.

Sadly, respect is often rather lacking online. And offline, too, even more sadly.

You, I have loads of respect for, and not just for the wonderful stories you write.
Ooops. No. They're unlocked again.

I meant to lock comments only. I'm moving house, and--you know how things get.