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just some oak and some pine and a handful of Norsemen.

All right. Coffee break's over: back on your heads.

As of today, my allotted time for Moving Trauma is over (although next Monday is scheduled for more Moving Trauma, because I have to round up netcurmudgeon and trek the wilds of Connecticut to Ikea.) Sadly, my cold has not quite given up the ghost. I really, really want to go work out and sit in the hot tub, but I think for the sake of my fellow monkeys, I'd better give it another day.

So now I have a honeydew list again. For the month of March, it currently consists of:

review and sign contracts
mail books overseas
revise the harpy story
revise the mermaid story
write an essay for GSHW
write an essay for a secrit projekt
start revising One-Eyed Jack and the Suicide King, unless revisions for the books under contract show up, in which case, revise either Chill or The Sea thy Mistress or both.
continue work on A Reckoning of Men.
Shadow Unit stuff.

Oi. How did the month get a third over, already?

The good news is, the network printer is up and running. Once I get the office put together, we'll hook up the inkjet, too, and have color capability! Man, I really need to buy a scanner....
Tags: honeydew, quotidiana

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