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bear by san

December 2021



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writing new amsterdam

she got a six foot pitchfork. i see the wrecking ball.

In keeping with tradition, a spoiler thread for Seven for a Secret.



i still loooove that cover.
Patrick Arrasmith. Made of win.
I haven't read it yet, but I'm sure you'll make me cry again.
You know, this time, I might not.

Actually, I take that back. I might.

I need to make an Abby Irene icon, dammit.
Ink & Earth didn't; I was surprised. Maybe being on vacation makes me more stable.

You do, dammit. Tough old broad needs representin'!
Tough old broads are a speciality.

Here we go.

And Ink & Steel didn't make me cry when I wrote it, but H&E did.
Weird. I can kinda see it, though.
Hell and Earth makes me cry just thinking about it.

Which reminds me...
Surely everything on the subject would be found here, would it not?
Love the cover.

And nice new icon, btw! I seem to recognize it. Hmm... Oh yeah! It's on this hardcover I have right here! (:

Want please-ebook

Any chance that this (and New Amsterdam) will be available as ebooks any time soon? I'm trying to not buy dead trees. (and I love my Acer Aspire One)

'kay, thnx, bye

Re: Want please-ebook

if a publisher decides to make them available in that format, I would love to sell the rights--but no offers so far.

Re: Want please-ebook

You can actually help it along by going to Amazon.com's page for it (logged on, of course), and clicking on the
"Tell the publisher you'd like to download this for the Kindle"
link, right below the image for it, next to the image of the Kindle. If they get a flood of those, they'll have to consider it seriously. (:

Edited at 2009-03-16 12:22 am (UTC)

Re: Want please-ebook

Cool...I don't have a kindle, but if it is released for kindle it ought to be released in other eformats as well....

Re: Want please-ebook

My thinking exactly. If nothing else, it'll get them seriously thinking about it. I mean, for them, it's pretty much free money — all they have to do (pretty much) is tell Amazon, "Yes, go ahead" and sign the contract.