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she thought she could stand up in the deep end

I had an absolutely great climbing night tonight. Started off warming up on a new 5.6, and having done that followed on in quick succession with a new 5.8 and then a new 5.5 (I did them as a relay, so up one and then immediately up the next one). And then I redid a 5.8 I've been sending in the ugliest manner possible, and this time I figured out the right way to do it (which, memo to me, involves using the edge of the roof as an undercling). After that, I decided I'd had enough success for one night, so I went out back to work on a green 5.? which I have been unable to send, because it has a long balancy segment in the middle on the arrete, and tonight I got it. (The secret is to move both feet up before I try to stand up, not just one, even though it's weird and treefroggy).

It was ugly as sin, and I did the last part as a total thrash, but I got it.

Then I did a little bit of work no-hands and then downclimbing on the slab wall, and called it a night.


I am a good girl, and also virtupus. I went climbing even though I felt like blowing it off, and I did awesome when I got there.

And now I have a sort of totally fake beef paprikash that's been in the crockpot all day, and I have a new Criminal Minds episode tonight, promising Emily backstory.

If I were a dog, I would have to say: "Best day ever! "
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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