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god says don't give me a tinhorn prayer

I know I've mentioned repeatedly that the Complaint Department builds crop circles and henges out of glitterballs in the night, all around my bed. And she sings and chants to the balls as she's doing so.

I imagine it's either monkey mind control, or she's signalling the mothership.

It finally occurred to me to document this phenomenon. So here's what I woke up to on Tuesday:


And here's today's:


As you can clearly see, the signals are obviously based on a trinary system, and they're growing more complex. I'm pretty sure the blue and purple balls in the second photo are meant to indicate the moon/Earth binary system.

Should I be worried yet?

In other news, a box of Seven for a Secret showed up on my doorstep today, and so did a royalty check for Wastelands, edited by johnjosephadams. This is my first ever royalty check for an anthology, and it makes me feel like a Big Kid for realz.
Tags: presumptuous cat, the writer at work

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