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bear by san

March 2017



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lion in winter broken because you're bri

via tsubaki_ny, a beautiful and eloquent PSA on the real face of Roma women in Europe today:


That chokes me up. I feel so proud to be related to them.
Indeed. Aren't they stunning? (And I don't just mean physically).
Thank you for sharing - I recently came across some You Tube videos of someone speaking the Romani language, but this one was new to me.
That was lovely, thanks for posting.
Dragone Devlesa, Bear, for posting this. They're so beautiful. I'm so proud to be part Roma.
I am too culturally illiterate to know what that means, but thank you.

It was so beautiful I had to share it.
Sorry. It means, God Bless you in Roma.
I was just about to Google. *g* Thank you!
Just to clarify, so I don't seem deceiving, I don't speak the language, but I had bought a dictionary of Hungarian-Roma a few years ago.
I wouldn't have found that deceptive. It's pretty common for folks to use words in languages they don't speak. (I have caught "mazel tov" from Jewish friends, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one to do so.)
That's true that people use common phrases from languages they don't speak, but I have never seen anyone using Roma. It's sort of rare, I suppose because the Roma in Europe speak the languages of the country they live in.
It's pretty common for folks to use words in languages they don't speak.

Yeah. I tend to apologize in Japanese*, which throws a lot of my students. :D

*That's pretty much all I can say in the language - that, hello, goodbye, "it's hot", "I don't understand", and I can introduce myself and count, but not with the proper counting-markers (I forget the proper term).
*G* That's about where my German has gotten down to. I could probably order off a menu if I had to...
Heh. In German, I can count to 10 and cuss.
This is just so well done! :)
For some reason, I was particularly startled at the story of the woman whose friends abandoned her when they found out she was Roma. I'm not sure I could explain that one properly. Pogroming, I'm familiar with, kids being teased in school, I've heard before, police crackdowns in Italy, I'm aware... et cetera...but I was utterly startled that this woman who was known by these people would suddenly become unclean.

Really well-done ad.
Yeah, that just--wow. Wow.