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bear by san

March 2017



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So far today, I have successfully constructed three book-cases and a desk. There's a lamp left to go, And a small mountain of boxes to unpack.


Ace the Wonder Dog has been "helping." Unfortunately, he and the Complaint Department had a fairly serious altercation yesterday (no blood was spilled, but they sure scared me half to death) and so I'm having to keep them separated for the nonce, which means he's having to sleep in his crate. Alas! Well, if we cannot use our privileges responsibly, they will be taken away.

I think I've earned a beer. And hey, it's lunch time! But first, time to take the dog outside and throw his ball for him for fifteen minutes.

Tonight, by the way, at 7 pm EDT, I'll be participating in an IRC chat hosted by #AbsoluteWrite on StarChat, for anybody who still remembers how to IRC and wants to stop by and visit.

Other things I need to do, although possibly not today:

Brush the dog
Put books away
Wash the kitchen floor


Total newbie question here but it's the second time I read about '#AbsoluteWrite' this week; and it's only a tuesday! It's a tuesday right?

I checked the site first time and then got dragged over to slashdot--there's something about a brand-new-never-covered conspiracy theory.

I am assuming #AbsoluteWrite is an irc channel--fairly active one at that?--similar to sff.net?
Absolute Write is a writer resource site, which also runs an IRC channel. I'm not affiliated with them, but they seem to do good work.
The Chatzilla plugin for Firefox also works nicely.
Best wishes regarding the dog/cat integration.

I'll be working on that myself once my ex moves herself out of our basement and into her new abode later this month, taking one dog and two cats with her. That leaves me with Summer (who liked to poke the cats with her hard and pointy nose when she first joined us), the once-feral Calliope (of my icon) and Repo, whose primary hobby is pulling out his own fur.

Such fun we will have!
Oof. that's a tough row to hoe, you got there. :-(
I'm optimistic. Calliope no longer begins to huff and piss puff and hiss (hee! for typo) at the sight of Summer, and Repo walked under her nose on the way to dinner tonight. Hooray!
Yeesh, I hope the cat/dog thing clears up nicely for you. That can definitely be scary. I introduced a pair of male kittens to my 2-dog household in October, and it got a bit rough once or twice...but usually only when one of the kittens snuk up and bit the fool out of the German Shepherd's tail while she wasn't looking. Her reaction scared the crap out of me - but I think mine scared the crap out of her, so, we're even.

Edited at 2009-03-17 04:51 pm (UTC)
"Her reaction scared the crap out of me - but I think mine scared the crap out of her, so, we're even."

lol! Yeah, I know what you mean. I have two dogs (medium-ish, about 70 lbs. each) and 2 cats. The dogs want nothing more than to wrestle with the kitties-who are SOO not having it. It can be both amusing and scary. The other night my cat-while jumping over the baby gate used to keep the dogs out of the box of Tasty Kitty Crunchies- managed to land on the dogs head. He loved it! He barked and wagged and play bowed-the wrapped his large bully-like jaws around the 8-lb kitty's back. Didn't hurt him (my dogs both have shockingly soft mouths, given that we don't know what their actual bloodlines are) but scared the bejeebers out of me, my boy and the cat!
Good luck with all the multi-species homes!
Well, the Complaint Department *is* pure ebil...

ION, Books Have Arrived! (actually they arrived last week) I have already lost about six hours of sleep to Undertow...
We're (amusingly) working on dog/cat integration too (only a medium ridiculous dog, though), but our interim solution is to close the door that partitions the house into kitchen/TV-room on one side and the rest on the other. Occasional introducing of the eldest tom to the staffie with the staffie crated up happens, with dog-whining and cat-clining as a result.
You can get away with 15 minutes of ball toss? Wow, I'm jealous. Emily the Moldavian Leaping Hound won't let me off with less than an hour. Damnéd dog.
Oh, I just have the desk extension for the Ikea book cubes. I think it will suit me nicely.

I also think the work table may be moving out of the library and up here, after all....
Our cats outweighed the dogs. If you havent seen a teacup poodle (it was a rescue so any fun behavior was good) try and pull the cat off its basking perch on the coffee table by his tail you just havent seen good theater.
Just some oak and some pine and a handful of norsemen!
I have found that to maximize the effectiveness of dog and ball time, a tennis ball and racket do a great deal of good. It lets me get the kind of exciting fun distance that the lab wants as many time as the lab wants to go tearing across the yard without making my arm thereafter unusable.

(My mutt doesn't understand the tennis ball, doesn't understand why the lab chases the tennis ball, and just sort of looks at me like "um, what's wrong with you" if I try to get him to interact with any toys.)
Ace's ball of preference is a soccer ball, which he has mauled into serious squooshiness. *g*

It still kicks okay, though.
My dog is less gigantic than yours. And we worked hard to convince him that soccer balls weren't his toys since my little brother was playing soccer during his late puppyhood and early adulthood.
I met a dog once, a proper brindly mastiff, very polite, whose favorite toy was a bowling ball. He'd been raised on basketballs, but he popped too many.

My great dane liked three-pound weights.
I always hear 'Ikea' in the same tone (with reverb) as 'Akira'.

It gets worse when movie quotes spontaniously develop 'Ikea' in them.