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So far today, I have successfully constructed three book-cases and a desk. There's a lamp left to go, And a small mountain of boxes to unpack.


Ace the Wonder Dog has been "helping." Unfortunately, he and the Complaint Department had a fairly serious altercation yesterday (no blood was spilled, but they sure scared me half to death) and so I'm having to keep them separated for the nonce, which means he's having to sleep in his crate. Alas! Well, if we cannot use our privileges responsibly, they will be taken away.

I think I've earned a beer. And hey, it's lunch time! But first, time to take the dog outside and throw his ball for him for fifteen minutes.

Tonight, by the way, at 7 pm EDT, I'll be participating in an IRC chat hosted by #AbsoluteWrite on StarChat, for anybody who still remembers how to IRC and wants to stop by and visit.

Other things I need to do, although possibly not today:

Brush the dog
Put books away
Wash the kitchen floor
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