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bear by san

March 2017



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froud magician

hey you! don't touch that!

Phew. Okay, I think that's all the boxen of books unpacked, and homes found for them. And there are even a few empty or lightly stocked cubes, though you would think that having just bought three new bookshelves would have meant that there would be more than just a few.

In any case, the only think left to unpack are a few boxes of random phneh, and since I haven't any idea where most of that is going to live, well, I'll just have to sort that out over the next couple of days, I guess. I think I need a junk drawer. Or maybe a junk closet. Or maybe I need a big garbage bucket. *g*

In any case, so tired now.

Good mail today, as not only did the CEM for By the Mountain Bound arrive, but so did a royalty check for Blood & Iron--five whole dollars, and seventy-four cents. Which means it's sold through the advance, finally, which is excellent news. Also, it means royalty season is upon us, which means maybe another check or two will follow.

In other words, huzzah!

The dog did not get brushed and the floor did not get washed, but a great deal of other work happened. Tonight is going to that chat and then I'm going out dancing with rikibeth, so now tomorrow's honeydew list looks like:

brush dog
wash floor
write a scene or two of One-Eyed Jack & the Suicide King
start reviewing the By the Mountain Bound CEM
unpack a box
fill out customs forms for the lingering international booksale shipments (I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I had to unpack more boxes to find them, they're really really going out this week)

Let's see how much of it I get done.


Re: Are you still jonesing for that retro kitty teapot?


Re: Are you still jonesing for that retro kitty teapot?

*g* you're welcome. I hope you get it!
out of curiosity, where are you bound for the dancing? one of these nights I will find the resolution to attend one of the dances nearby I'm always reading about in the paper. *prods self*
Haven, in Northampton. If you'd like to join us, you're welcome to. *g*
^_^ neat, and thanks! I can't make it tonight, but I would love a raincheck. ^_^

One! Step! Beyond!

So if I show up around 8:30 or so, does that work?

Re: One! Step! Beyond!

Sure. I'm going to need to dress, after this chat thing, so it may take me a bit to be ready.

Is there a Patty's Day Event?

Re: One! Step! Beyond!

Sadly, no. This is allegedly tonight's theme. I don't intend to take any notice of it -- I have a green and black crinoline skirt and a black sequined Vivienne Tam top, and that should be equal to any occasion.

Re: One! Step! Beyond!

Well, I have got a pimp hat....

Re: One! Step! Beyond!

Go ahead and wear it, if you're so moved. I'm ignoring the theme, because I don't care to display visible garter straps, midriff (my midriff is not ready for prime time), or more cleavage than usual, and I'd need a crop to claim that "every piece of PVC I own" should qualify as "dominatrix."
*is wistful for people to go dancing with* Have fun!
Woo @ selling past the advance!
Yay! for unpacked books and royalty cheques (even ones for amounts that one really can spend all at once).

I find that, for me, buying new bookshelves means that I only have slightly fewer overcrowded shelves than previously, because all the ones that were never on shelves to start with get first crack at a new home...
Yay for unpacked boxen! (a word which is right up there with bathtubim)

And, of course the commencement of royalty season.

Also, I think you have far more interesting dance events up thataway. Or else I am not paying attention to the clubs, which is Entirely Probable.

Well, i'll go out and buy another copy, and maybe you will get ten bucks next time.. ;-)

I could just paypal you a ten spot, but it's the principle of the thing.
Congratulations on the sellthrough!

Maybe it's time for me to give my hardback copy of B&E to the library or a friend and buy the paperback. MOAR ROYALTYS.

One never buys new bookshelves until the old ones are two-deep and there are stacks on the tables and floor, so this does tend to happen with the bookshelves. I recall when we bought several new ones, that brief glorious feeling of "THERE IS ROOM ON THE SHELVES", but this quickly faded before a "But wait, there is only room on *some* shelves, so if we ever buy any more books, thy can only be in those categories, or we have to get rid of other stuff first, and... oh crud we are doomed and may never buy books again... quick, is there any more room in the house? What if we hang some from the ceiling?"

I have reluctantly concluded that my clever idea for taking an attic-ladder mechanism and putting a bookshelf on it instead, thus enabling the ceiling to be used as admittedly hard-to-see shelf space, is really not fit for earthquake country.

Maybe the next royalty check will buy a floor-washer robot?
I have an alternative plan, that fills some with horror; "Give books away." I have a secret weapon in this evil plan a ten year old genius person who omnivorously devours books of all kinds.. You all know one, or were one, i suppose..

I gave her dad three Mads, a couple of potboiler fantasies i read for research, an F&SF or two, a history and copies of Hot Rod and Robot, just to arouse her scorn.

That keeps her dad from the weekly trip to the local book store, this week.

I have now one totally empty shelf waiting for the eBear to fill, and girl genius' father gets to figure out how to afford reinforcing the floors in *his* house.

Better him than me.

I grade books immediately after completion into re-read or bye-bye. Saving everything is a symptom, not a virtue.
I really need to do something about these mounts of mass market paperbacks. For me, the symptom is being too lazy-ass to truck them down to a used bookstore.

...First, find a used bookstore...
Getting them to the used bookstore and then not leaving with store credit or more books is the tricky part for me. Then again, swapping a big stack of massmarkets for some tasty reference and coffee table works is nice.

I admit another nice thing about only keeping paperbacks of re-readers is that they take up less space than hardbacks.

Note to self: find a used-swap bookstore which is wheelchair-accessible. My old favorite is one of those warrens where you practically crawl through tunnells of books to get to everything, which is lovely if you're able to do so. I keep discovering that I can't get to any of the nonfiction or reference sections and end up buying comic collections with my store credit, which is less useful to me and my comics store alike.
I'm one of those freaks who actually re-reads most books I bother to finish. This may have to do with the mild brain damage.

It's more that I can't read hardbacks without physical pain, due to arthritis stuff. I buy hardbacks of Very Special Authors because it's good for their sales numbers and sellthrough, at least when the budget permits, but I then swap the hardback for a paperback copy that I can read without having to put it down every half hour.

There's actually a shortage of tween SF readers in my life right now, but there's also a shortage in most library budgets; donating a hardback to the library ensures that lots of people of all ages may get to read it.
It would take too much time to sell them on amazon, i suppose. I could give you Delany's address... Or find your own mutant genius.. My to-read pile is down to twelve books, an amazing sight.