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Criminal Minds 4x18, "Omnivore," written by Andrew Wilder, directed by Nelson McCormick.

In which C. Thomas Howell is awesome with awesome sauce.

Hotch loves that brown fleece jacket.

This episode is particularly gory. 

CM: Not any better at Boston accents or geography than anyplace else.

"I'll tell them you're sorry." But I won't reinforce your lies.

Hotch, not being the great communicator. "It was my first case as he BAU's lead profiler." And his backstory becomes even more eventful. Maybe he's secretly twins.

Not everybody in Boston is Irish.

What is it with CM and glasses?

JJ only calls Hotch Sir when she disagrees with him.
"So how did he stop for ten years?"
He took control of the media engine.
I was wondering when they were going to do a Zodiac episode.

"Want to invite us in?"
"What was he thinking?"

Reid's hair remains its normal scraggly self. I find that comforting. Nice tie, Spencer. Goes well with the purple shirt. The cardigan reassures me that it's really you, however.

Two white male COTW in the same episode. What are the odds?

"It's a good book, Roy."
I love the conversation between Hotch and the reporter. Two guys doing impossible jobs the best they can.

"Looks like he used a cop ruse."
"Good spot." Heh. Rossi has a double meaning.

Pretty much everybody other than Hotch and Rossi is Sir Not Appearing In This Episode.

Blue nitrile gloves, drink.

"You got all that from one question mark."
Rossi corners Hotch. Hotch comes clean.

"Why's he so democratic?"

"I think our guy is a hebephile."

Penelope gets so upset when people fall off the grid.
Mmm. Penelope's green jacket is covet-worthy. Gorgeous. Want.

"It's like killing yourself." Hah! Foreshadowing! Drink!
"He's totally alone."
"You'd have to talk to someone."

It's Kaiser Soze! Overplaying the cough a little, man.

"Do you know how long it takes to stab somebody 67 times?"
"He's just a man."
"Then why can't you catch him?"
"We will."

"Are you gonna run the story, Roy?"

"If I hold the story."
"I didn't say that."
These guys are just great together.

Hotch attempting to manipulate the killer is priceless, even if he winds up with a Gideon-level fail.
Amusing that Gideon gets his first mention in a season and a half in an episode set in Boston. And an episode rather similar in some ways to the "No Way Out"s.
And my Rossi-drowning bucket is getting rusty with disuse. I tell ya.
Also wonderful that he's the one confronting Hotch on Hotch's obsessive behavior and self-blame. We see our own failings most clearly in others. That's lovely charactereization, there.

"That voice in your head, it's not your conscience. It's your ego." That's a great line. I think this speech counts as "You did everything you could."

Derek gets tackled! Finish your drink! Seriously, at least once per season, he needs to get his head handed to him.

Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, still good at their jobs.
"Yeah, right."

Also, ow, he should be on his way to the hospital for treatment of that concussion.

"It was his choice."

"She just got here from Michigan."
And the team cracks the case. And Garcia saves the day!

"It's what I gave you."

"I'm going to be bigger than Bundy."

"Reid guessed low."

"You're going to have to find a way to let it go."
"Could you?"
"I'd have to."
Talk to Spencer, Derek. He's probably got some pointers for you.

Reid is up to TWO sweaters.

"He was right."

Definitely the middle of the season, and the network's not paying attention, so the writers are getting away with murder. Literally. 

Another lose for the team, and a potential recurring bad guy. I want to know George Foyet's backstory. I imagine they'll do the deconstruction if he returns.

I wonder how they're going to handle that.
We'll know for sure when Morgan's ID shows up....

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