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More poet smut.

cpolk added a datapoint to the Kit/Will slash discussion of lo these many moons ago.

(edit: Hmm. SOMEBODY is going to notice that the Slash Cotillion color scheme is identical to the Abyss & Apex color sceme. It's not affiliated. And they don't want us either.... or maybe they do. Who am I to judge?)

There's supposed to be an under-legal-age disclaimer on that, but her link takes you straight in to the smut.

Meanwhile, I'm amused, because I currently have Michael Wood's book open to the photos of the Green Dragon Inn and Winding Lane (pp 128-129) and propped up on my desk, because I am writing a scene set there. One would think, however, that the Black Bull would be a more condusive site for slash. Or maybe I lack appropriate subtlety to understand the implied artistry.

No, Marsha, buymeaclue. I haven't forgotten that I owe you if/then/ergo/bang! slash.

Meanwhile: BUSH IS EVIL via stephdray.

And I got ~1350 words today, and plan to stay up and drink Maker's Mark Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey and eat home-made pizza until I finish this scene.

As soon as I make the pizza.
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