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December 2021



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criminal minds jj & reid tennyson

sunshine in my eyes can make me cry

because beatriceeagle made me, some new CM icons, completing the Special Agents In Tears With Salient Quotes set... and a few extras...







Oh, excellent! It's been *ages* since I've been to blame for fannish activity.

As soon as I get a chance to use my own computer, I'll be taking Prentiss and Rossi's gun and probably a couple others.
*g* I'm very fond of the fishface on Airquotes Reid V.2.0 there.
It's an excellent fishface.

(Somehow, I missed the Garcia crying icons on their first run. So now I have one of them, too.)
You know, I didn't even know Criminal Minds existed before I started reading your LJ. Now I am marathoning episodes.

(I have only just started really watching TV, as my upbringing didn't include much television. One thing that's jumped out at me is that it's easier--at least for me--to see narrative structure in a TV episode than in a novel. I think that has to do with how quickly I read; I tend to skim on a first read, but if I'm watching a TV episode, I'm forced to watch every shot of it. Fascinating stuff.)
I'm a crack peddler.

Sorry about that.
My reply is wavering between "don't apologize if you're not sorry" and "just you wait 'til I get caught up". *g*
I need to take the Reid airquotes one for my own. Need!!
Hee. I seem to be working on a whole Reid Airquotes theme...
I hadn't even noticed that he did that so often until I saw you point it out, and now if I see it I giggle and no one who happens to be watching it with me know why...
Wow! Awesome icons! "here. Take Mine" is hilarious.
Also, i think a font that is clearer at such small sizes would work so much better (for future reference).